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What is a Company Interactive Career Page?

Jabord is a talent attraction platform that provides smart tools for candidates and companies to better represent themselves and find each other. One such tool that is central to our mission is the Company Interactive Career Page.

The Company Interactive Career Page consists of a structured company profile that you are fully in control of. This is where you can add all the information about your company in designated sections, and where you can post job opportunities in your company. Giving candidates an inside look at your company is the best way to attract the right people. Showcase your culture and what you stand for. What is it that you do, and how do you accomplish it? How do employees take your company further?

How do I utilize the Company Interactive Career Page?

Company Interactive Career Pages are built within our no-code editor and are published on"companyname", and can also be published/linked with your website to be used as your standard Interactive career page.

To build/edit your page, click the Brand Tab in your profile or click this link if you are currently logged in.
To link with your website, please reach out to support to help you with the options.

What is the structure of the Company Interactive Career Page?

The Company Interactive Career page consists of 4 main sections:


This section is pinned to the left on a desktop, and featured first on mobile. It is NOT labeled.
Sub-sections include:
Company Logo
Company Elevator Pitch
Featured Media
Skills & Tags from Job Postings
Corporate Info
Starred Jobs


Companies can choose what sections to fill in, add custom sections, and determine the order.
Sub-sections include:
Corporate Responsibility
Visa Programs
Veteran Opportunities
Custom Sections


Posted jobs will show up in this section. If your job contains a video, it is shown in the thumbnail. If your jobs are available in our partner Linkup, you can also make sure that these jobs show up in this section under your jobs posted via Jabord or your ATS by clicking Marketplace Jobs Settings. The candidate experience for such jobs, pushes candidates to your external application and is less desirable from a candidate experience perspective.


We currently embed your Twitter and Facebook feed directly on the page. This allows candidates to get as much information as possible on your company without opening multiple browser tabs which can be time consuming and an organizational nightmare. To add your social feeds, simply add your profile in the Link sub-section in Overview.

We are always looking to improve the look, feel, and functionality of our company career page. As we continue to update our UI/UX we will update this page.

Updated on: 12/05/2022

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