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Interactive Resume: Applying, Sharing, Exporting

The ultimate purpose of building an interactive Resume on Jabord is to share it exclusively. You have put in the effort to add a lot of good information about yourself and now it is time to share. Let's look at your options:

Every interactive resume on Jabord has a unique link that can be shared off-platform. You can Copy and Paste this link anywhere. If you are applying to a job on an external application hosted by another job board, company career page, or applicant tracking system (ATS), there are often great places to add your link in an application such as a website/social account field or a cover letter section.

A standard template for adding your link in the cover letter section of an external application can go something like this "Hi <<Company name>>, I have created an interactive resume where you can learn a lot about me and includes a CoverVideo. Please view it by clicking on the following link: <<Link>>."

QR Code

Every direct link on our platform also has an associated QR code. QR codes are an easy way to transfer your interactive resume in an in-person setting from one device or medium to another. Have your QR code ready when at an interview or a job fair for example. You can access your QR code in the Share tab when logged into your account on a browser or our mobile apps. You can also print out your QR code and place it on a business card or resume.

Exportable Formats

There are three options to export your Interactive Resume: PDF, Word, and TXT


Most job sites and applicant tracking systems accept PDF resumes as a standard format. Our PDF export is an esthetically good resume to look at. We have different options for what to include and not include in the PDF. We are also introducing more templates.

Just because an applicant tracking system accepts a PDF does not mean that it will read it correctly. Every ATS will do things differently, but if they cannot parse through your resume, you could be rejected as an applicant before even being seen by a human. Our other formats such as Word and TXT are designed for this use case.


Both of these formats are similar in design and function. We offer both as different job sites and applicant tracking systems may only offer one format for upload. Both formats do not include special characters and maintain the most simple of formatting often referred to a Plain Text Resume or a ASCII Resume. While these resumes are not great looking for the human eye, resume parsing programs love it for its simplicity. This ensures that your information is placed in the right fields of an applicant tracking system and that you are not automatically rejected as an applicant.

Jabord Quick Apply

Applying to jobs hosted on Jabord is the easiest way to send your resume to an employer. When clicking Apply on a desired job, you can choose the desired resume to send and optionally add a CoverVideo within a few clicks.

Jabord Express Interest

You can let an employer know that you are interested in working for their company by clicking the Express Interest button on their company career page on Jabord. Perhaps they don't have a job opening listed that is exactly what you are looking for. Being proactive is an excellent way to get some attention.

Search-ability by Employers on Jabord

Employers using Jabord have sourcing tools to proactively reach out to prospective candidates. As a candidate on Jabord, you benefit from being a higher rank on the search compared to other sources that employers have access to. You can only choose one resume version to be searchable or you can choose to be incognito and not visible in the search all together. You can access this setting within the share page by clicking on the gear icon for any resume, or in your settings by clicking Resume Visibility in Search.

Candidates with more information added to their profile including videos introduction rank higher on the search result list. For example, if a company searches for a certain skill set within a certain radius of a location, and 50 resumes in Jabord match that criteria, people with more information would be closer to the top of the results list.

Updated on: 27/07/2021

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