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Interactive Resume: Tips & Tricks


Your Headline often consists of your most recent job title or that you are a student. Some people name the company or school associated with the title. You can also add a defining feature about yourself that is not directly related to your job.


Product Manager @ Jabord
Product Manager & Tech Enthusiast
Student @ NYU
Marketing Student & Social Media Guru


Your Summary is a 280-character elevator pitch about yourself. If you had to market yourself in one Tweet, what would you say? Think of your accomplishments and passions. If you are actively looking for a position, use this as an opportunity to mention that.

Video Introduction

Your Video Introduction is a very efficient way for you to get noticed and discovered. An employer can learn more about you beyond your skills and experience. Try and keep the length of your video between 30 to 90 seconds.

There are three ways to add a video to your Profile:

Record a video directly on Jabord with your webcam or phone camera
Upload the file of a recorded video from your phone, computer, tablet or a professionally recorded video (300 MB max)
Upload a video to YouTube and copy & paste the link here. If you are doing this switch the video to Unlisted. This will allow the video to be shown on your Jäbôrd Résumé and not in search results on


When recording make sure you have good lighting conditions and no background noise. Make sure that you look professional and that there is nothing distracting in the background.
Prepare your thoughts before recording, and refrain from using words such as "um" and "like"
It's best to keep the camera stationary, or for someone else to hold it steadily
The content of your video can be either free flow or you can choose a couple of interesting questions to answer. You can come up with any questions yourself or use some of the examples below.
At the very least we suggest you read out your 240-character Summary to bring life to your resume and get discovered

Suggestions for introductory Video Content:

Introduce yourself with your name, current occupation/title and what kind of job you are looking for
What makes you unique?
Why should I hire you?
What is important to you?
What is your biggest failure and how did you overcome it?
Sell me something in 1 minute – can be anything from a stock to a pencil
What was your last social media post about?
Who do you most admire and why?
What is the best invention in the past 50 years and why?
What area of (any industry) excites you and why?
What is the best advice you have ever received and what advice would you pass on?
What was your last job, and what did you most enjoy about it?
What is the most difficult decision you have had to make over the past 12 months?
What have you learned from a previous job, professor, manager, that has stuck with you?
How do you improve yourself professionally?
How would you describe your ideal working conditions?
What would you do if you realized you could not meet a deadline?
Do you think job security exists anymore?
How much patience do you have? Give an example when that has been stretched and how you dealt with it.
What do you do if your ideas are not considered?
How do you cope with stressful situations?
Give me examples of creativity on the job?
What is success? How do you value success?
What are your future ambitions?
What is your work style?

Bring Your Own Resume

Once you build your Jäbôrd Résumé, Jabord will automatically format a resume for you to download as a PDF. If you have a unique resume you would like to share, or have your own custom format, you can upload it here. You can decide to share it or hide it. Is is also the default view in the Jäbôrd Résumé LITE.


Add all your skills and rate yourself on your proficiency level. See below for an outline of what makes someone a specific level:


You have a common knowledge or an understanding of basic techniques and concepts
Focus on learning


You have the level of experience gained in a classroom and/or experimental scenarios or as a trainee on-the-job. You are expected to need help when performing this skill.
Focus on developing through on-the-job experience
You understand and can discuss terminology, concepts, principles and issues related to this competency
You utilize the full range of reference and resource materials in this competency


You are able to successfully complete tasks in this competency as requested. Help from an expert may be required from time to time, but you can usually perform the skill independently.
Focus is on applying and enhancing knowledge or skill
You have applied this competency to situations occasionally while needing minimal guidance to perform successfully
You understand and can discuss the application and implications of changes to processes, policies, and procedures in this area


You can perform the actions associated with this skill without assistance. You are certainly recognized within your immediate organization as "a person to ask" when difficult questions arise regarding this skill.
Focus is on broad organizational/professional issues
You have consistently provided practical/relevant ideas and perspectives on process or practice improvements which may easily be implemented
You are capable of coaching others in the application of this competency by translating complex nuances relating to this competency into easy to understand terms
You participate in senior level discussions regarding this competency
You assist in the development of reference and resource materials in this competency


You are known as an expert in this area. You can provide guidance, troubleshoot and answer questions related to this area of expertise and the field where the skill is used.
Focus is strategic
You have demonstrated consistent excellence in applying this competency across multiple projects and/or organizations
You are considered the "go to" person in this area within and/or outside your organization
You create new applications for and/or lead the development of reference and resource materials for this competency
You are able to diagram or explain the relevant process elements and issues in relation to organizational issues and trends in sufficient detail during discussions and presentations, to foster a greater understanding among internal and external colleagues and constituents


Copy and Paste the URL Links to your Social Media, Blogs, Linkedin, Personal Website, GitHub, etc. Often employers view a candidate's online presence. By providing yours, it makes it easier for them to learn more about you.


Tags are used by the Jäbôrd Résumé creator to define a quick snapshot of the Jäbôrd Résumé with filtering capability. You can add a hashtag (#) just as you would in any social media site. #tag any content (skills, work sample, accomplishments) independently with different hashtags or related items together using the same hashtag that you would like highlight for quick access.

Whenever you hashtag something, that hashtag is populated in the Tag section on the top right. If you hashtag the same word multiple times to create groupings, that Tag in the Tag section will show a number next to it that represents the amount of times it was tagged throughout the resume.

For Example, you can group all your projects together, or all your projects within a specific topic. You can hashtag every time you spoke publicly with #PublicSpeaking.


Work is the section where you add work related experience. As a standard you will mention where you worked, when you worked there, and what you did. But the Jäbôrd Résumé also encourages you to back that up. For each work you can include Posts, Work Samples, and References.


Education is the section where you add educational experience. You can mention High School, College, Degree Programs, Certificate Programs, Etc. Everything related to your Education. But just as with Work, the Jäbôrd Résumé encourages you to include Posts, Work Samples, and References.


Posts can be attached to any Work or Education and should be populated with more information about a specific topic, event, article, project, etc. that you would like to showcase. Posts can contain media and text.

Work Samples

Work Samples can be attached to any Work or Education and should contain specific samples of work that can legally be shown. Work Samples work exactly the way Posts work, but they have a "Work Samples" heading which brings special attention to them. In a work sample, one can showcase projects, reports, designs, spreadsheets, etc. Anything that you personally contributed to.


References can be attached to and Work or Education and is directly requested from the system. You can request a reference by entering the email of a manager, professor, or anyone else that is appropriate. The Reference then is taken to a page where they can write something about you or put in their contact information. You can never edit this information, but you do have the option of making it public or not.


Extras is a freeform section where you can share information about things you're involved in outside of work that could further enhance your job prospects. For example, you could showcase your hobbies, talents, charitable services, places visited, events attended, sports, etc.

How to make a Video Intro

Video Introduction

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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