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Jabord Video Intros & Tagging

Video Intros & Tagging

Recruiters only take 6 seconds on average to scan a resume.

keep them engaged by introducing yourself & highlighting your skills

Jabord Portfolio & References

Portfolio & References

The average corporate job receives 250+ resumes. Only 4-6 candidates get an interview.

Beat those odds by posting your work samples, certifications, awards and references.

Jabord Showcase your personality

Showcase your Personality

60% of recruiters look for cultural fit on a resume.

Showcase your interest, hobbies, & passions, beyond work and education

Source: Glassdoor, TheLadders, Jobvite

The Jabord Interactive Resume

Jabord with Linkedin Upload

Start a modern resume in seconds with Linkedin PDF upload

Convert your Linkedin PDF to an interactive resume

Candidates & Companies love using Jabord Interactive Resume

"I built my interactive resume to stand out among other applicants who on paper have the same credentials as I do. I got the job."

Jessie Rhine
Occupational Therapist & Small Business Owner
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"My resume allows me to brand myself as a well-spoken, fun individual while backing up the quality of my work."

Jordan Brisgel
Client Solutions Associate at FactSet
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