Nursing Resume Template

Nursing Resume Template

Nursing Resume Template

Want to make nursing resume templates? Create a resume template from Jabord, no matter where you are in your nursing career.

The competition is increasing day by day in all professions, including nursing. A strong nursing resume can help you to stand out from the crowd. Writing a nursing resume is not that straightforward because it includes many types of certificates and pieces of training. It isn't easy to arrange them compellingly.

After reading this article, you will be able to learn how you can build nursing resume templates professionally according to your nursing skills and what content you should write in the resume template. Let's start.


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Most Important Notes

Nursing Resumes

The nursing career is the most benevolent profession that delivers care to patients. When someone suffers from a disease, they pass through more tough lifetimes.

Nursing professionals help them to cope with those challenging times. The nursing profession is an honorable career that helps humanity. That's why this profession is considered a noble profession worldwide. This profession provides dignity and praise to an individual. That's why people love to seek nursing as a career.

Many job seekers want to apply to nursing, and the competition and merit are rising day by day. Check out some nursing resume templates to stand out and engrave hiring managers.

The nursing resume is distinct for aspecific rank of nursing, for example, nursing student resume, registered nurse resume, new grad nurse resume, nurse practitioner resume, senior-level nurse resume, etc.

There are many formats in which you can write your resume according to your skills and capabilities. So how should you write your nursing resumes? Let's find it together?

How to Write a Nursing Resume template

Getting a job in a reputed hospital is challenging. You have to go through the hiring process, including applying for a nursing position and impressing the hiring manager.

To win the nursing job, you have to create a resume representing your soft skills, hard skills, nursing school information, higher education, and relevant experience.

Nurses have more technical and extensive skills than other healthcare professionals because other healthcare experts are specialized only in their respective departments. Regardless, nurses know all emergency and patient-relevant skills in which both soft and hard skills are equally valuable.

The extensive range of skills comes gradually from the experience and number of patients and hours the nurse spends in her job. These skills are essential and should be highlighted in the resume. Let's read how you should format your nurse resume and what you should add to the resume.

Formats to Create a Resume

The resume templates can be formatted in reverse chronological, functional, and combination formats. Each of these formats is used according to the experience of a person.

The experience and career history are mentioned in a reverse chronological resume from the latest to the older jobs.

The chronological resume template would be better for an experienced nurse resume. The reverse chronological resume template is the norm and the most professional-looking resume layout. HR managers are also familiar with it.

Even if you do not have experience history and are a registered nurse, it would be better to use a chronological resume template.

Registered Nurse Resume Template

Your resume needs good formatting to highlight your employment history or skills according to the job descriptions.

According to your job requirements, you can use a resume builder to create your resume efficiently in five minutes. Registered nurses can follow the following tips to create resumes.

1- Resume Format

The reverse-chronological format is a professional and commonly used by people. The HR managers are familiar withthis format, so it can boost your chances because they can quickly go through your resume and can have an overview of all of your details.

There are rarer chances that they might miss anything.

2- Top Heading and Sections

The top heading section should be bold. Write your name and contact information at the top of the resume so that the HR manager can call you quickly.

Bold, highlighted, and visible sections are easy to read.

Use white space in your resume to make it more visible.

3- Font Size, Margins, and Line Spacing

The font size of the registered nurse template should be 12 for the standard text, and for headings, use the font size of 14-16.

Use fonts that look professional and are easily readable.

Use 1 margin on all sides of the resume page and use 1.15 line spacing.

4-Downloading file type

It would be better to save your file type in PDF format. But it's not applicable in all cases. When you do a job search and apply for it, you should see its description attentively and see if they have mentioned any specific file type.

If they demand other file types, you should provide them with those.

Content of Nursing Resume

The content of a nursing resume is slightly dissimilar from other professional resumes.

You need to add several skills and job history to the resume. But if you don't have any vast skill set, you may add volunteer work experience. No matter which type of nursing resume you are writing, these sections must be in your resume.

The following sections are essential for nursing resumes. Let's explore them in detail.

1- Convincing Resume Objective

A captivating resume objective is critical because it can summarize your experience in a brief paragraph and give a concise synopsis of your whole resume. We also call a resume objective a summary, a quick and to-the-point display of your nurse resume objective.

As numerous job seekers apply to reputable hospitals, hiring managers may not have time to see your whole resume template.

The hiring manager may read the resume summary, and that's it. If you write your resume summary as stimulating and provoking as possible, there will be a high chance of getting a job at that hospital.

An Example of a Good Resume Career Objective for Nursing is:

I have been working as a registered nurse for 7+ years and delivering health care to diverse patients. I have done a master's in nursing and considering pursuing a doctorate. Looking forward to serving in your hospital with a great degree and background.

Hiring managers can give this registered nurse or RN resume a priority. Because, from this example, it looks like you are an experienced RN nurse and will be advantageous to both patients and other staff.

From the example, it is also evident that you are a passionate person who is passionate about a doctorate.

2- Mention Your Skills

The nursing profession is more than having a degree or license. The most significant thing to have in this profession is nursing skills.

To qualify for a nursing job, you should comprehend some technical skillset to overlook the patient. Suppose you add an up-to-date and impressive skills section. In that case, your potential employers may consider you one of the best contenders.

There are two types of skills a nurse's resume should have. A challenging skill and a soft skill section. What are hard skills and soft skills?

Hard Skills for Nursing Resumes

The hard skills can only come from an educational background and specialized nursing training. Without any education and training, a person cannot acquire these technical skills.

Technical skills are critical because every potential employer wants to hire an individual who can manage and heal patients.

● Care in an Emergency

The nurses should have the skills to address and cure an emergency even if they are not working in an emergency ward.

They should be qualified to conduct the situation if this emergency arrives.

For example, the nurses should be aware of how to change the dressing of a person's wound or know how to give first aid in emergencies.

● Checking Six Types of Vital Signs

There are six types of vital signs. You should add the skills to check patients' vital signs in your resume.

These vital signs checking include measuring weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, and respiration.

● Guidance for Patient

Nurses should be able to educate the patient and his family about how to take care of the disease and what preventative measures they should take.

Nurses should also have the skills to guide them about the treatment course.

● Patient Safety

The patient's safety is paramount during his visit or stay in the hospital.

One of the responsibilities of nurses is that they have to take care of the patients and make sure the patients are taking care of themselves.

The nurses advise them if some mistake happens by the patient or patient's family.

Nurses guide them to avoid any problematic situation like the risk of falls of patients etc., to ensure speedy recovery of the patients.

● Usage of Technology

A nurse's resume should contain this complex skill as it is essential nowadays to use technology. Now almost all the hospitals use the latest technology.

They have remote records of patient's history, which is why the nurse should be able to use computers and remote devices to take notes and check the history of the patients.

These are some of the technical skills you can mention in your resume. You can make bullet points of the skills that you have.

Don't forget to include these five skills in your nursing resume and cover letter.

Soft Skills for Nursing Resumes

Soft skills make a person stand out because technical skills are easily reachable by training and education.

Soft skills are personality traits that cannot be taught and acquired only by a long nursing experience. These nursing skills come with experiences.

● Problem-Solving Capabilities

The skill that a nurse resume must have is critical thinking. If you are a person who cannot stay calm in an emergency or complex situation, then the nursing field is not for you.

The nurse must be able to think in an emergency and guide patients on what to do in an emergency.

This skill is also essential because nurse decisions can decide the life and death of patients. Critical thinking is a must-have skill in your nursing resume.

● Communication Skills

This is one of the top skills needed in every profession and field of life. Communication skill in nursing resume templates is a must-have. Communication skills involve verbal and non verbal skills.

The nurse resume should emphasize that you are a person that can interact with patients and support them emotionally.

The patients talk with nurses in situations of fear and problems; the nurse must have high emotional capabilities to cope with the situation.

The nurse's resume also shows that you can communicate with other staff. You can also write this skill in your cover letter.

● Stamina to Work for Long Hours

Stamina is a highly required skill for nursing jobs, and a nurse's resume must have this skill mentioned.

A nursing career demands a lot of stamina and the ability to work long hours with very infrequent breaks and handle a variety of large numbers of patients.

The nurses should have the stamina to work at the same pace even if they are exhausted.

● Team Working Skills

Teamwork of health care professionals is crucial for the patient's care.

The nurse resume should contain team work skills because the nursing jobs demand teamwork, team leadership skills, and team management capabilities.

Now let's move on to the background section of the resume. The writing of experience history is not simple for nursing resume templates.

3- Unit Specific Information

There are various units in the hospital. Each is specialized for particular circumstances and certain types of patients.

The health care professionals and nurses are drilled for a specific unit to provide a specialized type of care to patients. To provide a clear picture of your job history, you should provide unit-specific information.

For example, the type of unit you have worked in your previous job posting, how many patients you handled daily, the number of beds in your hospital, etc.

The unit-specific information helps the HR manager decide whether you are a good fit for the job title.

4- Education List According to ANCC

The nurse resume includes more number of certificates and educational training. Their array is complex in a resume because it's hard to decide where and in which order you should place all of the information in a small section of your resume.

American nursing credentialing center (ANCC) has a particular order to list your educational background in a nurse's resume.

So assemble your list in the following order

  1. Strat with more relevant degrees and write less relevant degrees underneath.
  2. Include license as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse
  3. Make it apparent that you desire to work as a nurse practitioner
  4. Add nursing credentials delivered by ANCC
  5. Mention any of your awards or honor
  6. Write most irrelevant certification at the end

5- Edit Your Resume

Whenever you do a job search and apply for a new job, edit your nurse resume and cover letter according to the job description.

Create the resume format that is best for that particular job. According to every new job description, add the relevant job history to your job history section in the nurse resume.

Use reverse chronological order for your resume. You can use a resume builder like Jabord to help you create a nurse resume.

6- Contact information

You should add your precise contact information to your nurse resume. Add correct name, zip code, house number, street number, and professional email address. If you are still a student and making a resume for internship pursuits, you can also count your nursing school address.

ATS Optimized

Using a Resume Builder

Forming a registered nurse resume may be a time-consuming and challenging task. You can save your time by using a resume builder like Jabord. The Jabord helps you in the following ways.

1- Build Resume Template

If you answer a few questions about your job description, education, and skills, jabord will build a template for your resume.

After making a template, add your personal information like your high school diploma, volunteer work, employment history, skills, awards, etc.

2- Download Files

You can download your resume files in PDF, word format, QR code, and as a direct link.

3- ATS friendly resumes

You can build ATS-friendly resumes with the help of Jabord. The resume built by Jabord is applicant tracking software friendly. The ATS-friendly resumes have a simple format and are easy to read.

4- Get Free Resume Templates

You can get free resume templates from Jabord and use them to make your customized nursing resume. You can also download the file of free resume templates in various formats.


Some of the most frequently asked questions

What is the Consequence of the Nursing Experience?

Nursing and clinical experience are essential throughout employment, and it enhances the capabilities of a nurse to deal with patients.

The skills also develop with the experience, like a calm mind in stressed situations and the right decision power regarding the patients' health.

How can you make a Nursing Resume Easily?

The easiest and quick way of making a resume template is using a resume builder. The resume builder provides you with a template according to your job needs.

You have to answer some short questions, and you can have a registered nurse resume template.

What should you add to the different sections of your resume?

You can add rewards and certificates you have gotten. You can also share your hobbies and interests to make your resume more engaging.

The extra section gives you the space to personalize your resume and stand out by showing your achievements.

How many resume template formats are available?

The resume template formats include chronological resume templates, functional resume templates, and a combination of these templates.

The chronological resume template accentuates your employment history.

An experienced registered nurse prefers this resume because it is more professional. The functional resume highlights the skills more than the work history.

A registered nurse with less experience can use this type of resume. You can make a free resume using Jabord.

What are Clinical Settings?

The clinical setting is where health care workers and nurses treat and diagnose patients and provide medical help related to mental and body issues like in hospitals.

The clinical settings involve direct patient care.

What are Cover Letters?

The cover letter is a paragraph or a summary of your education and background.

It has almost 300-400 words. You have to attach a cover letter along with the resume.

The cover letters are also a very crucial part of your job application.

You can list your educational background, work history, and skills in the cover letter to make it more compelling.

Why should you edit and proofread your resume?

You should edit and proofread your resume every time before applying. Proofreading helps you to find any undesirable mistakes and errors.

These errors can make a wrong impression. You may also lose a job due to wrong contact information.


Nursing is a respectable profession, but it is very demanding. To get a job in a reputable hospital, you must go through the entry process, which is impossible without having a good nursing resume.

Your nursing resume must be flawless if you want to pursue your nursing career because many people apply for these jobs. To write a registered nurse resume is difficult, but you can use Jabord to create it. The resume-building tool takes five minutes to create a resume template for you by asking some queries.

You should add contact information, educational history, technical skills, work history, and rewards. To make it more professional, use a reverse chronological resume. Use formatting and choose the right size and style of fonts.

Now you have learned how to create nursing resume templates professionally and quickly. Make sure to put your thoughts in words in the comment section below.

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