Accountant Resume Template

Accountant Resume Template

Accountant Resume Template

Accountants are detail-oriented persons and are habitual in doing everything accurately. An accountant's resume is the first step toward getting the dream job. You can use our resume builder to make an accurate and perfect resume.

The resume builder makes your resume in a few minutes. Creating an accountant resume that stands out is not easy.

In this guide, you will get to know how you can make an accountant resume with the right formatting and content. Let's get started.


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Most Important Notes


The role of an accountant is to organize accounts and tax returns, budget, and financial management, reducing costs and increasing the profits of the company. Compilement of periodic financial reporting and financial statements is also included in the duties of an accountant.

Inventory management or management accounting and legal compliance are also important parts of the accounting role. Accountants work in companies and businesses. Some of them work at offices; others also work from home. Most accountants work in a team, but some work as individuals depending on the job description.

You can follow the tips given below to make a professional accountant resume.

1- Update

Updating your accountant resume is a great idea. If you update your resume frequently, you can save time in finding your old certificates while applying for a specific accounting job post.

2- Proofread

If you are applying for a new job title, proofreading your resume can save you from unintentional errors and mistakes.

3- Cover letter

Attach a cover letter with your accountant's resume to impress hiring managers.

4- Choose a Format 

Pick the best resume format your accounting resume.


Before showcasing your talents, experience, and skills, you should select the best format for your accountant's resume. It has three types of formatting depending on the experience and skills of the job seekers.

The reverse-chronological format is the favorite format of the hiring managers. It shows the job progression throughout the years. Professionals use the chronological format.

If you are making an entry-level accountant resume, you can use a functional format. You can showcase your professional skills and get your dream accountant job in a functional format.

You can also make a combination or hybrid resume. You can write both your skills and work experience in this resume formatting.

Content of The Accounting Resume

The content section is the body and soul of the accountant's resume. Let's have a look at what you should write in your resume.

You can start your resume with your official name. After writing your name, write a valid phone number and Gmail address. Don't forget to cite your postal address and zip code. It will be useful if you also add your LinkedIn profile and website URL.

Accountant Resume Summary and Objective

A resume summary and resume objective is the next significant thing. To impress the hire manager and grab his attention, you should use a hook statement in the form of an objective summary. Write to the point information about why you are the best fit for the job description.

Write an accountant resume summary if you are an experienced person. But if you are a beginner, you should write resume objectives according to the accountant job description.

Accounting career history on the senior accountant resume works as the cherry on top. You should write your work history in reverse chronological order. If you do not have any employment history, you can skip this section of your accounting resume.

Accounting Skills

The resume skills section is important for every accountant's resume, but it is particularly more important for entry-level resumes. You can choose from the following soft and hard skills. You can write them on your tax accountant resume or any resume for an accountant position.

  1. Financial analysis
  2. Can operate accounting specialist and financial positions
  3. Manage the accounting process
  4. Know accounting software
  5. Analyze financial data with accounting skills
  6. Have accounting knowledge
  7. Can make financial reports and maintain financial records
  8. Communication skills
  9. Interpersonal skills and technical skills
  10. Can work in a fast-paced environment

Accounting professionals can write these accounting resume skills and other soft skills in their accounting resumes, whether they are writing an accounting assistant resume, accounting manager resume, certified public accountant resume, cost accountant resume, accounts payable resume, or staff accountant resume.

You can also see the accountant resume example to take inspiration for making your resume before applying to accounting jobs.

The next section to impress your hiring manager is the education section. You can mention your degree, accounting courses, and related certifications. 

You can mention awards and certificates to showcase your achievements in the accountant role. Do not forget to attach an accounting cover letter and tailored resume with your job application. You should also see accounting resume examples if you want to make a top-notch resume.

ATS Optimized

Make your Accountant Resume with Jabord

Do not panic while making your resume; use a resume builder to make your resume. Jabord is user-friendly. You can save your time and energy using Jabord and give builder access to your employees if you are a company. Why does everything start from scratch if you have the tools to help? 

Following are some of the advantages of utilizing the resume builder.


Jabord makes accounting resumes that can easily pass through an applicant tracking system. ATS is a tool that scans the accounting resume and finds the resume score.

2- Resume Templates

You can use resume templates to make your accounting specialist resume when applying for an accounting position. Visit accountant resume sample for taking ideas. You can put your information to make a personalized resume. For example, if you are a certified management accountant, you can fill in your information according to the above guide. You can also visit related resume examples to take inspiration for formatting and making templates according to your experience.

3- Downloadable

You can apply to the accountant jobs by downloading and sharing resumes in PDF, word, editable templates, and QR Code formats.

Thank you for reading. You can ask any questions related to the accountant's resume in the comment section.


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