Teacher Resume Template

Teacher Resume Template

Teacher Resume Template

Can you engage the students in learning activities? Are you thinking about pursuing the noblest profession on Earth? If so, you should make a teaching resume to showcase your teaching proficiency.

Jabord is a resume builder that helps you make professional resume templates within minutes. The resume builder makes your life easy by saving your time and helping you to win your dream job.

In this guide, you will learn how you can make your teaching resume persuasive and compelling, what formatting you should choose according to your expertise, and what content you should write in your resume.


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Most Important Notes

Teaching Job

Teaching is a dignified profession and enables the youth to prepare for the future by giving them knowledge and wisdom. The teacher is responsible for developing a student's brain by instructing him to solve complex problems and impact his behavior through moral development.

Classroom management

Teacher duties involve classroom management, lesson planning, early childhood development, and helping students learn course work. The teacher's duties also involve the development of critical thinking abilities by asking questions, conducting group discussions and other techniques, and maintaining the learning environment in the classroom.

School teachers are of various categories involving middle school teachers, elementary school teachers, high school teachers, special education teachers, and preschool teachers. The skills and specialties of teachers are different according to the level of students.

You should follow the following tips for writing the perfect resume template if you apply to a particular school.

1- Update

You should update your resume often to incorporate new certificates and experiences.

2- Proofread

Proofread your resume before submitting your resume for a teaching position, as it will eliminate errors and mistakes.

3- Cover Letter

Please attach a cover letter with your resume to make it perfect.

4- Teacher Resume Examples

You should visit a teacher's resume example to understand what your resume should look like. 

Teaching Resume Formatting

The formatting of a teaching resume is a crucial step. You should format your resume in reverse chronological format if you have student teaching experience of five years. Write the list of your experience by listing the most recent job above, and then after that, write your previous jobs.

If you don't have experience and are a fresh graduate, you should use functional formatting to write your resume. The functional formatting doesn't include an experience section and focuses more on the skills section. 

Use a hybrid or a combination formatting if you want to write your experience and skills. Use this formatting if you have less than five years of experience. 

Choose the right teacher resume format according to your teaching experience.

Content of the Teacher Resume

The content of your teaching resume includes contact information. Write your official name in bold letters on your resume. After writing your name, write Gmail, phone number, postal address, zip code, LinkedIn profile, and website URL.

After writing the contact information, write the teacher resume objective or teacher resume summary. A resume summary is for the experienced teachers about the past job highlights. Use a summary statement if you are a senior teacher having experience of more than five years. 

If you do not have any experience and want to teach after graduation or apply for your first teaching job, you can write resume objectives. The resume objectives are about your future goals to impress hiring managers. 

You can see a resume example to take inspiration for making a summary or objective. 

After writing your resume summary or objective, you can write your teaching experience in reverse chronological order. Skip this section if you are a job candidate who doesn't have any professional experience.

Both hard skills and soft skills are necessary for the teacher's resume. Choose the relevant skills from the following teacher resume skills section according to the job description you are applying for.

  1. Can make lesson plans for high school students
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Management skills
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Time management skills
  6. Class management 
  7. Communication skills
  8. Can analyze student performance
  9. Maintain a learning environment
  10. Can improve test scores
  11. Improve college admission success rate
  12. Child development 
  13. Can provide elementary education

After writing the teaching skills section in bullet points of the teacher resume, you can write an education section. The education section is important in teaching resume because, as an English teacher, you must have a relevant bachelor's degree to teach the students. Mention high school diploma and relevant college degree in education.   

Mention the languages you can speak in your teaching resumes. Also, mention awards and certificates according to the job title in your teaching resumes. 

Mention your interests and hobbies to give your resume a personal touch.

ATS Optimized

Use Jabord

You can use a resume builder to make your resume perfect. Write a teacher's resume with jabord and save your time. Make your assistant resume, an experienced teacher resume, or a substitute teacher resume with the resume builder. You can make a free teacher resume with the help of Jabord. 


Use an extensive library of templates from Jabord to make teacher resumes perfect. Choose the best teacher resume templates while applying to teaching jobs. Also, visit a teacher resume sample to take inspiration from the resume template. 


You can have suggestions while writing your skills in the template. Whether you are writing a teaching assistant resume, high school teacher resume, or resume for any teaching positions, you can get suggestions about your relevant teaching skills. 


You can download and share your teaching resume in PDF, word, editable templates, and QR Code formats.


The resumes built by Jabord are ATS-friendly. The applicant tracking system is a tool that scans the candidates' resumes. Hiring managers use this tool. The teaching resumes made by Jabord can pass through the applicant tracking system. Write a teacher resume with Jabord, stand out among the job applicants, and win a job interview. 


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