Engineering Resume Template

Engineering Resume Template

Engineering Resume Template

Nothing is perfect in this world, but your engineering resume can be. Just like in your engineering lab, where adding the right proportion of the chemicals makes the perfect product, your resume also needs a precise proportion of information to be perfect.

Jabord can help you to win your dream engineering job. Jabord is an easy-to-use resume builder that provides you with professional templates and step-by-step guidance on what you should write in your resume to make it perfect.

In this article, you will explore what you should put on your resume. You will also read what format is best for you and how you can highlight your best skills.


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Most Important Notes

Engineering Resume

In engineering, the scientist uses matter and energy in nature for manufacturing complex products. Engineers are of various types like chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and electrical engineers.

The resume format is the same for all engineering types, but some of the special skills are different.

Let's learn how to make a perfect engineering resume.

Formatting of Engineering Resume

Before stating the elements of the engineering resume, first format the resume layout, use margin 1 at all sides of the resume, and use 1.15 line spacing.

Before writing your resume, select the word style for the resume. Choose a simple style of the word that is easy to read.

More complex styles are hard to read and look unprofessional. Use a 12-word size for normal writing in the engineering resume and a 14-word size for headings.

You can also play with colors; you can use blue color to highlight the headings.

Now let's move on to the resume formats according to the experience and skills. For an entry-level engineering resume, a functional resume is best. If you create an engineering resume as an experienced person, a reverse-chronological format is the best resume format for you.

How Should You Put Your Information in the Resume?

The content of the resume starts by adding contact information. Write your contact information precisely because it is an important part of the resume. There is no point in writing skills and experience without contact information.

To make an effective resume, first, write an engineering resume summary. You can write your experience in summary. Use the resume summary if you are an experienced person.

If you are a fresh job seeker, make an engineering resume objective. Resume objectives show your future goals and passion related to something in the job description. The resume objective shows the hiring manager that you are passionate about your job.

After writing your summary or objective, write your engineering background work history if you are an experienced person. Add the most recent and relevant experience first, and then write the past work. For example, if you are a chemical engineer, you can write your past company's name and the work you were responsible for. For example, you can write, "I was responsible for manufacturing processes of carbon fibers and their increased production efficiency."

If you have very little engineering experience, you can skip the employment history section and move directly to the skills section.

The skill section is crucial for the engineer's resume; whether you are a mechanical engineer, industrial engineer, civil engineer, aerospace engineer, or software engineer, you have to mention your skills on your resume when applying to a job ad.

Engineering Skills

Mention your hard skills related to the target company. If you are a software engineer, you can mention your knowledge of programming languages to impress hiring managers. Entry-level engineers can also highlight their top skills relevant to civil engineering, industrial engineering, and other specialties. You can also mention your projects on the resume template.

After mentioning your hard skills, mention your soft skills. Soft skills for engineers include:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Team working capabilities
  3. Time management
  4. Technical skills
  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. Project management

The soft and hard skill section is very important to make a great engineering resume because the hiring manager is looking for job seekers with top engineering skills for the job title.

Now, let's move on to the engineering education section. Mention your bachelor's degree, engineering degree, or engineering certifications on your resume template to impress your prospective employer. You can also mention your master's degree if you have done a master's.

Mention your awards and achievements at the end of the resume. Also, do not forget to add your hobbies and interests. But use only one-page resume templates.

Writing your engineering resume with Jabord is very easy and time-saving. Finally, attach a cover letter with your resume and job application.

Get Your Dream Engineering Job With the Resume Generator Tool.

You can get your dream job if you have an engineer resume template. Use resume header to impress potential employers. Building a perfect resume template is tiring, but you can use a resume maker tool. You can see various resume templates of resume examples.

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With our resume builder, you can make a resume that can easily pass through the applicant tracking systems. ATS is a tool used by most employers to scan the resumes of candidates.

Templates Library

Make your engineering resume stand out from the crowd by using an extensive library of templates.

Engineering Resume Examples

You can see the engineering resume example related to your specialty, whether you are a mechanical engineer or belongs to any other specialization. You can also see various engineering resume samples in the resume builder tool.

When you write a resume, the resume builder gives you various suggestions to guide you through the process. Write your skills, hobbies, and engineering resume header professionally. You can also see a resume sample for taking suggestions.


With the help of our resume builder, you can download your engineer resume and share your resume in different formats like pdf, word, txt, QR Code, and URL link.

Use cover letters and professional engineering resumes templates to impress your hiring managers.

Thank you for reading this article. At this point, you have learned how you can make your resume perfect. You can comment down your thoughts and let us know your opinions about this article.


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