Jabord's resume builder tool has enabled thousands of job seekers to get their dream job.

Instead of initiating your resume from scratch and going through the stressing process, you can use an AI resume builder.

Why do you need a Professional Resume?

Professional Resume Showcase

Yours education, skills, certificates, and awards. You can impress your employers and grasp their concentration.
A professional resume can yield new job opportunities for you. The perfect resume highlights that you are the right candidate for the job title.
A professional resume can make you win the job you want. Attach your resume with job applications and impress hiring managers to win the modern job market challenges.

When you are on the job hunt, you need education, job-related skills or experience, and a perfect resume. No matter how good your skills, education, and experience are, you will have the job if you have an exquisite resume that accentuates your qualifications. Resume builder to build a unique resume template that can impress hiring managers.

Do not forget to update the resume repeatedly.
Updating a resume can save you the time and effort of locating old documents and updating them quickly.
While applying for a job title, you do not have much time to think about what you should put on your resume.
 You might forget to put some of your certificates and important information on your resume.

Features of Jabord resume builder

You can effortlessly create a resume online with an online resume builder such as Jabord. Create and update your resume according to the job description.

Jabord has various features that make it the best resume maker. You can obtain templates, upload your resume, download your resume, create a cover video, and share all of these things in various formats.

Let's explore various features of resume builders one by one.

Resume Templates

You can build professional resume templates from Jabord, the best resume builder. Jabord has an extensive library of different resume templates. You can choose a template according to your requirements.
  • Jabord contains all the resume templates for different industries.
  • The creative industry has distinct template formats, and other industries have their templates.
  • No matter from which domain you belong, resume generator Jabord will provide the right resume template.
  • So what are you waiting for? Get a modern resume template for you from the resume creator. Also, attach a cover letter with your resume and job application. Also, review the cover letter templates and examples to make a professional cover letter.
  • A cover letter consists of a paragraph that contains precise information about your education, skills, and past work history. You can also use a cover letter builder to make the best cover letter. Also, see cover letter examples to generate your cover letter.
Our best free resume builder will make hr approved resume templates in multiple formats to get your dream job. You can also get expert tips to impress potential employers. You can also edit your resume's content with Jabod resume editor.

Custom Templates

You can upload your resume on the Jabord and find your jobs if you want a custom template. You can upload a personal resume template on Jabord.
Jabord Social Footprint

You can also provide the links to your social media accounts on your resume.

Jabord Video Introduction

You can make a short video to introduce yourself to the clients with a professional resume. Video is a great way to impress hiring managers. Clients can know more about you rather than your skills and expertise. You can impress them easily with a video introduction. You can add your video on Jabord in three ways.

  • You can add your professional video from the candid camera of your phone and laptop.
  • You can make a video on your phone, and then after making and editing the video, you can upload it on Jabord.
  • You can also upload your video in a link form. For example, if you have uploaded your intro video on YouTube, you can upload the link to Jabord.
Jabord Tag

You can create hashtags of your skills just like you upload hashtags on your social media accounts.

Jabord Extras

The interactive resume builder can add references, online work samples, posts, education, and work history. That means you can showcase everything you want on your resume.

Jabord TXT

You can download and share your resume in different types of files, for example, Microsoft or ms word documents, pdf formats, TXT, QR codes, URLs, and editable templates.

Searchable by employers

Jabord can make applications that can pass through the applicant tracking systems. ATS is a tool used to scan the candidates' resumes and is mostly used by hiring managers.That is why you need an ATS-friendly resume to win a job.

How do you do resume writing on Jabord?

Everyone can use Jabord easily. The resume maker is designed to make resumes quickly and efficiently. Let's dig into how to use it.


The first step is to go to the Jabord website by clicking here. Click sign up. You can sign up as a company if you own a business and sign up as an individual.

Insert your name and Gmail to sign up and after receiving the verification message, sign in to your account.

After signing in, you will get a dashboard. On and off the pro version of Jabord by clicking on the button provided at the top.

Insert Information

Gmail and Phone number

Insert your professional Gmail and phone number in the resume builder. If you wonder what a professional Gmail looks like, it is a Gmail account with your official name. The Gmail account having your name looks professional and has a splendid impression on the hiring managers.
Similarly, provide an active phone number. Also, record a message on your phone if you cannot contact yourself easily.



Job Type

You can describe the job type you want to apply to. The job type will impact the template formation of the resume maker.

Work Status

The third thing you have to insert in the resume builder is your work status. You can write if you are jobless or working in a company.




You can write your skills on the online resume builder. Jabord also gives suggestions to write the skills to guide you.


Write information about your degree, licenses, certificates, and achievements, and also insert the years in which you accomplished those achievements and degrees.




Write the names of languages that you can speak.

Home Address

You also have to insert your home address to make an interactive resume.


Our pricing is simple

Jabord resume builder can make your resume and have other features to help you find your required job. Jabord resume builder comes in different pricing.



Per month

If you want to enjoy more features, you can use the pro version.

Pricing details

Quick and Easy Online Resume Builder FAQ's

What is the best resume builder available online?

Jabord is a professional resume builder online and can generate professional templates. You can download and create different resume formats from the online resume creator. Online resume creators can make your life easy by saving time and energy. You can download your resume in different formats, including Microsoft Word.

What are the types of resume formats?

Resume formats are of three types. The professional resume format is chronological and showcases your career progression. The second type of format is for the beginner in which they put their skills. And the third type of format is a combination format in which you can put both your skills and experiences.

What is a resume summary?

A resume summary is written at the top of the resume. It showcases the career highlights and progressions related to the job description. Job seekers can showcase why they are the best fit for the job. A resume objective is different from a professional summary. A summary is for senior professionals, and the resume objectives are for entry-level people. Resume objectives showcase your future goals and passions.

Why should you proofread the new resume?

It would be best to proofread the resume to find any mistakes and incorporate edits. Proofreading helps you to make a flawless new resume. Make your resume from Jabord resume creator, then proofread and edit it before submitting it to the hiring managers.

What are cover letters?

A cover letter briefly introduces your skills, experiences, and capabilities to showcase your aptitudes interactively.

Why should you see the good resume examples?

You should see the resume samples to take inspiration. By looking at the resume samples, you will get an idea of how to build your resume. If you want to create a professional resume for free, you can use the online resume creator to make a superb resume. Don't write from scratch and use a resume builder to create professional resume templates. Also, see different resume examples to take an idea of building your first free resume.

What are the tips for making the best resume?

Use the resume format that fits your skills and professional proficiency. Always use a simple resume layout and simple and easy-to-read fonts. Use the best resume template for making your resume from resume builder.

Visit jabord.com to design and update your resume. You can ask queries in the comment section below if you encounter trouble creating the best resume.