Acting Resume Template

Acting Resume Template

Acting Resume Template

Want to increase your chances of becoming a well-known actor? A supernova acting resume template can produce an opportunity to fulfill your dreams. What does an actor need to start? A headshot, a reel, and a persuasive resume. Do you not have time to make the resume from scratch? We have got you covered. Let's use Jabord to make a resume in less than five minutes.

Your acting resume template should be effortless to read and emphasize your special skills and background.

Let's discover how to make your audition-winning acting resume.


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Most Important Notes

Why Should You Make Professional Acting Resume Templates?

Do you think a perfect headshot with good acting skills is enough to win an audition? If you do not have a professional-looking resume, you cannot even get invited for an interview.

So to showcase what you have, the first step is to make a persuasive resume so that the casting directors like you before seeing you in person. The actor's resume makes 50% of your first impression before the audition. In this article, you will learn tips on making your acting resume compelling and what content you should put in it.

Let's see step by step guide to making acting resume templates.

1. Reverse Chronological Format

The acting resume format for more experienced actors should be in chronological format. That means you have to put your experience history from a recent job to the older one.

If you are older than 25 years and have done many roles, you should add that to your resume. But don't put your experience that is older than 8 years or more.

But suppose you are younger and do not have done a load of roles and do not have professional acting experience. In that case, you can add your past performances in workshops, any training, or acting classes in chronological order in resumes.

2. Resume Layout

The size of your resume layout should be the same as the size of your headshot; when you attach both of them, they should look the same dimensions.

Usually, the headshot size is eight inches by ten, you can alter the size of the resume paper according to your headshot. Cut the extra resume paper to match the size of the headshot. Use a one-page resume to impress casting directors.

3. Formatting of the Resume

The resume formatting should be simple and skims professional. For example, the word style can be new roman and word size should be 12 for normal writing and 14-16 for headings.

You can also add colors to the heading leaving the white space to highlight the information. The spacing between lines should be 1.15. You can play with heading colors but keep it simple and professional when you apply to the acting jobs.

Content of the Acting Resume

At this point of the article, you have learned about the format and size of your resume. Now let's move on to the content of your resume.

Now the question is, what should you put on your acting resume to impress your casting director. Here is a list of things you should include in your resume to win more auditions.

  1. Contact details
  2. Physical appearance
  3. Resume objectives
  4. Your acting credits
  5. Acting experience
  6. Skills
  7. Education details
  8. Awards
  9. Reviews or testimonials(Optional)
  10. Headshot or close up

Acting resumes are incomplete without contact info.

Also, write the contact of your agent if you have one. You can also add their logo.

Add the details of your physical stats or appearances like height, weight, hair color, and eye color. These details are necessary because, in acting, you are judged by your physical appearance and your skills. You can make three columns and put your information in the right column, middle column, and left column in bullet points.

Don't put your age on the resume, but you can mention your age if you are under 18

If you are an experienced actor and have done roles back to back, you should write a resume summary, while if you are a new actor, you should write an acting resume objective.

List your theater credits or professional credits according to the role type. Also, mention the name of your production company as well. If you list student films, mention your private coaching company or institute.

Add your experiences to your actor resume template. If you are not an experienced person, mention training or workshops. You can also add your speaking roles.

Also, do not forget to mention your union affiliation. If you are a non-union actor, mention that on your resume.

Now it's time to fill your special skills section to throw the best light on your skills. You can mention your vocal range, musical instrument handling skills, martial arts skills, or any other special skills to impress casting directors on your acting resume.

Mention your education details or educational credits in your acting resume. Add more credits if you have them.

Put your rewards and attach a headshot with your resume. Double-check your acting resume to ensure a mistake-free resume. Also, add additional references and attach a cover letter and headshot with the resume.

Use Resume Builder

The swiftest way to create your resume is by using a resume builder that can facilitate the process for you. Use Jabord to download acting resume templates. Jabord saves your time and energies by providing you with a professional actor resume.

ATS Optimized


Creating an actor resume with Jabord ensures that the acting resume is ATS-friendly. The applicant tracking system can inspect the resume easily. Resume templates with Jabord contain simple and professional formatting. The resume with Jabord is designed specifically to pass through the applicant tracking system.

The resume with Jabord is designed specifically to pass through the applicant tracking system.

How to Use Jabord?

Jabord will ask a few questions about your job history and skills and then generate a specialized free-acting resume. Actors can customize their resumes by adding their information to templates.

Acting Resume Examples

You can have various resume examples on Jabord to choose from. You can edit and customize them. Also, don't forget to attach a cover letter with your resume to impress industry professionals.

Download the Acting Resume Templates:

You can download free acting resume templates in Word, PDF, TXT, direct link, QR Code, and editable templates by using Jabord. You can also have additional features by using the paid version of Jabord.


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Thanks for reading. Now you have learned how to make acting resume templates. You can alsoshare your thoughts in the comment section below.

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