Academic Resume Template

Academic Resume Template

Academic Resume Template

Do you want to land in your dream university or a research program? You should make an academic resume template to apply to a university for a job or research program.

Jabord helps you make academic resume templates in just a few minutes; you only need to insert your academic information in the resume.

In this article, you will learn how to make an academic resume, the difference between a general resume and an academic curriculum vitae, the content of the resume, and formatting. Let's get started.


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Most Important Notes

What is an Academic?

Most college professors teach, and some are busy with their research work. There are a lot of other academics to help them, for example, lecturers, assistant lecturers, teacher assistants, and associate professors.

A professor is occupied with his research and does not have time to teach fresh students and give them lectures and tests. So he has assistant lecturers to assist him.

All professionals mentioned above, including lecturers, assistant lecturers, teaching assistants, and associate professors, are academics.

Academic Curriculum Vitae/Difference Between an Academic CV Template and a Resume

An academic curriculum vitae is more elaborative than a resume. A resume usually consists of one page, but an academic cv consists of more than one page. Academic CVS usually contains all the educational information in detail, including certificates, research papers, and academic experience. A perfect academic cv template and a list of all the research papers you published and puts all of your awards, certifications, grant money, invited talks, a publication date, and fellowships conferences.

While an ordinary resume is shorter than an academic cv and consists of only one-page information about you in bullet points with no details, you need to deliver targeted content based on the job description and job title. At the same time, an academic cv can be 10 pages long.

A curriculum vitae cv and resume is the same name as a document in terms of words or terminology. For example, people call it a resume in the US and Canada, and the name academic cv is more common in other countries.

How to Write an Academic Resume?

To write an academic resume template, first, you must decide what formatting you should choose to write your resume. You can choose the reverse-chronological order to write your work history if you have any experience in the related field.

You can also choose a functional resume format to highlight your skills and a combination or hybrid template to highlight your skills and experience. Use the right resume format according to your requirements.

Keep the formatting of your resume simple. It should be easy to read. You can use 1 margin from all sides of the resume. The font should be simple and readable. Use 12 for the normal text and 14 for headings. You can also use colors to highlight the headings.

Content of the Academic Resume

The first and most crucial thing is to provide the contact information. The contact information includes the following things:

  1. Name
  2. Professional title
  3. Institutional address
  4. Active phone number
  5. Home address/ postal address
  6. Zip code
  7. Email address
  8. Website URL or Institution URL
  9. Linkedin profile

After putting in the contact information, the second thing to write is the resume objective. You can outline your research plans for the research objective in this section. If you want to do an internship to undertake postgraduate research, you can write a resume objective.

If you are writing a resume summary, you can put past research projects and achievements in it. A resume summary is a brief description of your past projects. Like in an academic cv, jobseekers make a personal profile to summarize key accomplishments, but in a resume job, an objective or job summary is recommended according to the experience.

The next section is work experience and employment history. In this section, you can put your professional appointments, teaching experience, academic jobs, and postgraduate research as a research assistant. You can skip the professional appointments section if you have no professional experience.

Now it's time to fill your education section with academic background. If you write a student resume, write your accomplishments, higher education, research experience, or published research papers and certifications. You can also write your subsidies to edited volumes equivalent to peer-reviewed publications or peer-reviewed journals.

The skills section is very important as academic decision-makers are very picky in this regard. Resume tips for academic resumes involve the following skills.

  1. Teaching skills
  2. Creative writing skills
  3. Foreign languages command
  4. Able to cooperate with the thesis supervisor
  5. Creative thinking for analytics related purposes
  6. Use software tools
  7. Communication skills
  8. Leadership skills

After the skills section, let's move to the rewards and certificates section. Cite all your achievements in graduate school, academic positions, and educational background in the bullet points.

Update your resume when applying to a new job and tailor it according to job descriptions. Also, put the social media platforms and your LinkedIn profile on your resume to highlight your online appearance. Also, attach a perfect cover letter template with your resume.

You can also see academic cv, resume examples, cv examples, academic advisor resume templates, and academic research cv to take writing tips to apply to your resume.

Use Jabord

You can use the resume maker to make your resume stand out from the crowd with just a few clicks. You can impress the hiring manager by making an easy-to-read and ATS-friendly resume.

Creating resumes from Jabord is an easy and time-saving process.

Template Library

You can find a template library to select a perfect resume template. Using the best resume template, a perfect cv template, and cv format is recommended to fulfill your academic purposes.

ATS Optimized

ATS- Friendly

ATS is a tool used by HR managers to scan the CV. HR managers use software to measure and collect session information.


You can download your academic resume with the help of a resume maker in different formats like Word, PDF, or text, editable templates, QR codes, and URLs. You can enjoy making a resume in the free version, but you can also buy a paid version to access more features. For example, you can provide builder access to your team or employees in the paid version.


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