Artist Resume Template

Artist Resume Template

Artist Resume Template

Artists' resumes should be unique and should reflect creativeness. It is not easy to make an artist's resume because it has a special format.

You can use Jabord to make a creative artist resume easily. You can insert your information into pre-existing templates in just a few minutes, and your artist resume template will be ready.

After reading this guide, you will be able to make your perfect resume template in just a few minutes. In this guide, you will learn formatting, content, and creating a resume with a resume builder—Let us get started.


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Most Important Notes

Artists Resumes

Artist is a person who creates a piece of art using imagination, mindful skills, and creativity. The duties of artists involve collaboration with the team to discuss clients' details, propose budgets, and design drafts, take approval on drafts, and use tools to create drafts.

Graphic designer, visual artist, art teacher, and makeup artist resumes are the same with overlapping skills and education.

You can follow the following resume tips in order to make your art resume.

  1. Update your resume frequently and add recent courses, various art techniques, art awards, group exhibitions, or solo exhibitions you are experiencing.
  2. Proofread all of your art resume sections to confirm that your resume has no mistakes.
  3. Attach a perfect cover letter template with your job application and artistic resume to impress the hiring manager.
  4. Pick the right resume format for your artist's resume according to your professional background.

Formatting of Artist Resume

The formatting of an artistic resume is of three types relying on your experience. You should use reverse chronological format if you have good experience and skills. 

Try to write 3-4 pages of a resume if you have 8+ years of experience. You can write your employment history progression from recent jobs to past jobs. You should also include the sections like exhibition and commission.

You may write a functional formatting resume if you are a beginner and do not have professional experience. Use a one-page resume if you do not have a long list of past jobs.

Write a combination resume if you want to write both skills and experiences in your resume.

Content of Artist Resumes

Write your first name and last name on the resume. After writing your name, you can write your phone number. Use the active phone number. Also, add a personal Gmail account, LinkedIn account, social media accounts(any professional profile), and personal website URL( or link to an online portfolio) to impress a prospective employer.

After writing the contact information, write the resume objective or artist resume summary. If you are a beginner, you should write an artist's resume objectives, but use a resume summary if you are an experienced artist.

After adding the resume objectives and summary, add your work experience in reverse chronological order; this formatting allows you to mention your job progression. If you have less than five years of experience, you can use combination formatting.

You can skip this section if you are a junior artist and do not have any experience. According to the job posting, you can see a sample resume to take inspiration for making your resume.

Mention exhibitions, including solo and group exhibitions. Do not forget to mention the year and name of the place. For example, you can write  your exhibitions like this

2012, Group exhibition, initiating a the Monday, Anyname Gallery, New York, NY (Curated by Minnie DeMarco)

You can also write commissions, a bibliography, publications as an author, and other experiences such as experience as an art teacher taking daily art classes. Also, see an artist resume sample for viewing content and taking inspiration for the resume's content.

The skill section is a very consequential section of the resume. You can write the hard and soft skills in this section. Following are some skills you can add to your artist resume. No matter what type of artist resume you are making, the skills overlap.

  1. Oil painting
  2. Graphic design
  3. Usage of adobe illustrator
  4. Can use software tools
  5. Know social media platforms
  6. Interpersonal skills
  7. Can collect session information and page interaction information using tools
  8. Communication skills
  9. Creative mind

After writing skills, you can write the education section and put a bachelor's degree on your resume. 

Mention awards, significant achievements, and certifications like professional affiliations on your resume according to the job title and impress hiring managers. Attach a perfect cv template or curriculum vitae, and cover letters with the job application according to the job description. 

ATS Optimized

Writing a resume With Jabord

You can write a standard resume with a resume builder to stand out from the crowd. Creating resumes with Jabord is very easy and less time-consuming. You can also do a job search on the Jabord. Various job seekers apply for a job listing. Prospective employers are looking for candidates who deliver targeted content-based resumes. Jabord also offers third-party sites based applications if you want to make a unique template.

Other than that, there are various features that you can use in making an artist's resume.

1- Now Graphic Designer Can Save Time.

The resume builder saves your time by making a resume within a few minutes. You do not need to perform all the work from scratch.

2- Templates and Artist Resume Examples

You will have an extensive library of templates. You can choose the best template for making your resume. You just require to put your personal information, and transferable skills, and you will get your resume. You can also visit different sample artist resumes taking an idea for making your own resume template. Also, if you want a custom template Jabord also works with third-party companies.

3- ATS-Friendly

A resume builder can form professional resumes that can pass through the applicant tracking system. You can also provide builder access to your employees if you are a company.

4- Downloadable

You can download and share your resume in PDF, word, editable templates, QR Code, and globally shareable links.


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