Babysitter Resume Template

Babysitter Resume Template

Babysitter Resume Template

Do you want to become a babysitter? If so you require a babysitting resume that stands out from the crowd.

A job-winning babysitter resume is not easy to make. You have to make a lot of effort to make a job-winning resume relevant to the babysitter job description. If you want to make a professional resume, you should use the Jabord to make your creation effortless. By using Jabord, you can make your resume look more attractive.

In this resume guide, you will know how to create an effective babysitter resume.

You will learn about the format and the content of the babysitter's resume.


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Most Important Notes

RWhat is Babysitting?

In babysitting jobs, you have to take care of the children when their parents are outside their homes or busy. They pay babysitters to take care of their children.

They do babysitting in private dwellings or their own homes. Babysitting is almost seen as a part-time job; this is not easy and challenging.

Children's parents usually pay the babysitters hourly rates. Babysitters assist children in their homework or other activities. They take care of the children at home or outside the home. Babysitters maintain a regular schedule for the children and provide them with proper and healthy meals.

Update Resume According to a Babysitter Job Description

It is not that easy to make a perfect babysitting resume; you have to be very careful while making a resume.

You should follow the following resume tips for creating a babysitter resume:

  1. Before applying for a new job, change your resume and compose your aptitudes according to the job description.
  2. Use a style that is easy to under stand and choose the normal size of fonts, don't create complications for the hiring manager.
  3. Reread your babysitter resume before submitting it to the higher manager; try to incorporate edits.

Best Babysitter Resume Format

The babysitter resume consists of three formats reverse-chronological, functional, and combination. You can see a babysitter resume sample to take an idea of the formatting.

Reverse-chronological is preferable and is the best resume format for a babysitter because it emphasizes your past employment history. Don't use this resume formatting if you are a beginner, as a beginner does not have any experience to put on the resume.

You can use functional resume formatting if you are a newbie. Because as a beginner, you should accentuate your skills which demonstrates your plus points.

You can use a combination format to show case both your experience and skills.

You can make a one-page resume if you have 0-5 years of experience. But if you have experience of more than 7-8years, you can make a two-page resume.

Select the right resume formatting appropriate for your skills and capabilities, highlight your plus points, and hide your weak points.

Write your resume in simple fonts that are easy to read and use 1 margin from all sides of the resume. Use 1.15 line spacing for your resume.

Content of Babysitting Resume

Write contact information on the top of your resume. Write your contact info on your babysitter resume in the following order

  1. Your first name and last name
  2. Active phone number
  3. Professional Gmail address
  4. Postal address
  5. Zip code
  6. LinkedIn account

Babysitter Resume Objective and Summary

The second most critical thing to write on your babysitter resume is a summary and resume objective.

A babysitter resume summary is for an experienced babysitter. It is a brief description of your past working highlights. Your career summary shows that you are a trustable person that can perform tasks professionally.

Write a babysitter resume objective if you do not have any past working history. The resume objective shows that you are passionate about your job and can fulfill your duties.

Baby Sitter Resume Experience

The third thing to write on your resume is professional experience. You can write the work experience in reverse chronological format.

If you do not have any experience, you can skip this part and move to the babysitter skills section. You can see babysitter resume examples to take inspiration for making your resume.

Baby Sitter Resume Skills

Following hard and soft skills are mandatory for responsible babysitter jobs, and you can put these skills on your resume to make it professional.

  1. Can regulate children's rest periods
  2. Monitor children's play activities
  3. First aid skills and have first aid training
  4. Child care professional skills
  5. Childcare duties
  6. Camp counselor
  7. Can instruct children and take complete responsibility
  8. Maintain a safe and healthy environment
  9. Preparing meals and snacks for kids
  10. Safe environment
  11. Interpersonal skills
  12. Little kids' age-appropriate activities
  13. Safe play environment
  14. Daycare worker
  15. Can dress children
  16. Can serve nutritionally balanced meals
  17. Dressed children and change their diapers
  18. Can manage behavior by using the positive reinforcement method
  19. Healthy personal habits
  20. Can handle emergency situations efficiently
  21. serving meals
  22. Training children in seeking adult assistance
  23. Can involve children in extracurricular activities
  24. Preparing food for kids


After writing your resume skills, you can write your education section. No specific degree is needed for the babysitting resume, but you can mention your education and certificates to impress the hiring managers. You can also see babysitting resume samples to have an idea about writing your resume.

Also, mention your past client's review to showcase your reliability. Also, attach a perfect cover letter template with your job application.

ATS Optimized

Use a Resume Builder

Use the resume builder to make your resume fast. Using the latest tool to build your babysitting resume can save time. Jabord can help you in making a job-winning resume. See babysitter resume samples to review how your resume will look after completion.


You can use an extensive library of templates to make your resume professional. You have to insert your information and skills, and the resume builder will automatically create a perfect resume template for you.

Save Time

You do not have to make your babysitting resume from scratch. You require to insert your information in the resume and save time by quickly making your resume.


The resume builder can make a resume downloadable in different formats, for example:

  1. Word
  2. Pdf
  3. Google sheets
  4. QR Code
  5. URLs
  6. Editable templates

Some of the most frequently asked questions

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Give suggestions

Jabord will guide you when you insert the information in the resume. It will give you suggestions about writing your skills in bullet points.

You can ask questions in the comment section below if you have any hardship making babysitting resumes.

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