Bartender Resume Template

Bartender Resume Template

Bartender Resume Template

Are you aspiring to become a bartender and need a stellar resume? Make a perfect bartender resume with our guide in this article. Also, generate your bartender resume in five minutes with our resume builder and save your time.

A professional bartender's resume should showcase your bartending skills according to the job description.

In this article, you will learn to showcase your skills rigorously with the help of an exceptional bartender resume. Let's move on to the article.


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Most Important Notes

Why do you Need a Bartender Resume?

A bartender has a lot of responsibilities which is why so many skills are mandated to be a bartender.

The bartender ought to be pleasant and friendly to his customers. There are many other skills a person should own to be a bartender.

If you are preparing to apply for bartender jobs, you require a resume that can represent you most pleasingly to showcase your bar management skills. You can make 50 percent of your footmark on the hiring manager by having a compelling bartender resume.

Bartending resume is mandatory if you want to win your first job.

And if you are a skilled bartender and want to apply to a reputed bar, you must carry a resume to showcase your capabilities.

Format of bartending resume

The format of your professional bartender resume depends on your experience, work history, and skills. If you are an experienced bartender, you should go for a chronological resume.

But if you are a beginner and don't have any specific employment history, you should use afunctional resume format.

You can use a combination format to showcase both your experience and skills.

You should use a simple style of words and word size of 12 for normal font and 14 for headings in your bartender resume. When applying to bartending jobs, read job descriptions and use the format according to your experience and skills.

Try to make the margins one inch on all sides and use a one-page resume.

Content of Bartender Resume Template According to a Bartending Job Description

The main question is how to set the bar attractively before the customers come? What bottles do you want to put in front of the customer to decorate the bar, and what do you want to hide and do not want to showcase on the shelves?

Your resume is the first management project; we will help you shake content up. So let's do your bartender resume decoration to attract the HR manager.

You can put your Contact info, Experience, Skills, Languages, Awards, Hobbies, and testimonials.

Contact Info and Resume Summary, and Objective

Mention your contact information in the resume template. Job seekers can use bartender resume samples to see how their resume will look after the completion.

In the top section of the resume, mention the bartender resume summary or the bartender resume objective according to your experience.

If you are a beginner, you can use resume objectives, but you can use a resume summary if you are an experienced person.

Work Experience and Skills

After that, you can put your work experience and mention the name of the bars where you have worked.

Bartender resume skills involve the following hard skills;

  1. Know how to craft cocktails
  2. Have food-service knowledge
  3. Bar inventory management skills
  4. Food and beverage industry knowledge
  5. Serving drinks
  6. Can do bar operations
  7. Management skills in special events
  8. Bar menu management
  9. Liquor laws knowledge
  10. To craft beer
  11. Liquor knowledge for drink making
  12. Drink pairing and drink recipes
  13. Bar utensils knowledge

Bartender skills also involve culinary arts knowledge, which is also a hard skill that is not mandatory, but it will make a good impression if you have it.

The preparation and serving of non-alcoholic beverages is also a proficient skill.

Soft skills are also mandatory to mention in the resume skills section. These skills involve interpersonal skills. Good bartender resume examples involve these skills.

Any educational training cannot teach these skills in bartending school. Bartender skills come from bartending experience. For example, bartenders should have a positive attitude. A positive attitude cannot be taught anywhere, and it comes naturally to a person.

A Friendly Bartender Can Attract More Customers as Compared to a Rude Bartender.

Soft skills are given below:

  1. Handling of multiple drink orders
  2. Speak multiple languages to deal with customers and restaurant patrons
  3. Knowledge of bartending service industry
  4. Can follow the instructions of the head bartender or bar manager
  5. Know the laws of drink portion control standards against buyer consumption
  6. Can tend bar of the high number of people and big bar area

The bullet point method is best to write these skills on a resume.

Education and Languages

You can write about the training you have done for the bartender role. Also, mention your high school diploma.

As a bartender's job is to deal with multiple people, it would be best if he knows different languages.

You can write the number of languages you can speak in the resume.

The chances of winning the bartending job will increase if you know multiple languages.

Hobbies and Awards

You can mention your hobbies and interests to stand out and make your resume personalized.

If you have received any awards or certificates, mention them in your resume.

You can mention testimonials as well to stand out from the crowd.

Get a Top-Notch Resume With a Resume Builder.

Nowadays, bartending jobs have become so competitive and crowded. You have to stand out from the crowd if you want to win this.

Probably you would make your resume with Word, which is not a professional way to design it. If you want a professionally customized resume, here are the tips.

1. Use Jabord

You can use Jabord to get professionally designed resume templates. The resume builder develops these templates according to your skills and experience.

Jabord will ask a few questions about your job experience and can generate the best resume template for you.

ATS Optimized


The resumes made from Jabord can easily pass through the applicant tracking system. The format and design of the resume are simple, and it is not complex in any way.

Resume Examples

You can see various resume examples in Jabord and design your template according to them. You can also have personalized templates.

Downloadable and Shareable

With the help of Jabord, you can easily download your resume template in PDF, WORD, TXT,QR Code, and editable templates.


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