Data Scientist Resume Template

Data Scientist Resume Template

Data Scientist Resume Template

Are you a data scientist and looking for a new job? Whether an expert or a beginner, you will need a data scientist resume template to apply for your dream data science job.

Jabord is a company that provides smart resume creator tools that will help you build the best data science resume in just a few minutes. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to land your favorite data science jobs

In this resume guide, you will learn about making a data science resume, the formatting of the resume, and the data science resume content. Let's explore the step-by-step guide together.


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Most Important Notes

Data Science/ Data Scientist

Data scientists have technical skills to solve complex analytical problems; he is also a data analytics expert. The data scientist role requires a high level of expertise to solve the problems in the company and then give suitable solutions.

After data mining, algorithm building, and extracting data, they send it to their colleagues, clients, or the company where they work.

Tips for Making Data Science Resumes are the Following:

  1. Customize and update your data science manager resume constantly and tailor it before applying to a new job title according to the job description.
  2. Choose the right format for your data analyst resume according to your capabilities. Senior data scientists can choose the chronological format, and junior data scientists or entry-level data scientists use functional formats.
  3. Always, proofread your resume before the submission and make edits to it.
  4. Use simple and easy-to-read fonts and resume layout.

Formatting of a Data Science Resume

The formatting of your resume is a crucial part of your resume, and it needs special attention. Write your resume in chronological format if you are an expert and senior data scientist. A chronological resume format can progressively showcase your work history. Write the most recent job in the resume first, and then add your past work experience. The hiring manager prefers revere chronological format for an experienced data scientist's resume.

Use functional data science resume format if you do not have vast experience in this field. You can highlight your skills to impress the hiring manager.

You can use the combination and hybrid resume to showcase both your skills and experience.

Content of the Resume

The resume content starts with the contact information. Write your contact information in the following order:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Professional email address
  4. Postal address
  5. Zip code
  6. Website URL
  7. LinkedIn

The second most crucial information to write is your data scientist resume objective, and data scientist resume summary. You can write a resume objective if you are an entry-level data scientist. You can tell your future goals and passion for impressing the hiring managers in the resume objective.

A resume summary is a brief statement of past projects and experiences. If you a

re writing a senior data scientist resume, you can write a resume summary to showcase your career highlights.

The third thing to put on your data scientist resume is work experience. You can skip this section if you are writing a junior data scientist resume and do not have any work experience. But if you do have work experience, you can write it in reverse chronological order. You can also write the experience of personal projects related to the data scientist job description.


The most important part of the resume is the technical skills. You can write the following data science skills in your data scientist resume, whether you are writing entry-level data scientist manager resumes or senior data scientist resumes. Please choose the relevant skills according to your job description and write them in bullet point style.

  1. Data visualization
  2. Can handle data science projects
  3. Machine learning
  4. Data analyst skills
  5. Can creating data regression models
  6. Data mining skills
  7. Data visualization techniques
  8. statistical analysis and data analysis
  9. Computer science
  10. Predictive analytics and programming skills

All the skills mentioned above are mandatory for a data science role.

If you are a data science graduate, mention your education on the resume. You can also mention a computer course certificate or Microsoft professional program certificate on your resume.

Cite your awards on the resume to showcase your achievements and make your resume standout from the crowd. Also, mention your hobbies and interests in a resume to give it a personal touch.

Easy to read, a clear and concise resume can make you win your dream job in the data science field. Data science work is not easy, and the competition is high, so you must make a great data science resume to win a job interview. You can attach a cover letter with your resume and job application.

ATS Optimized

Use Resume builder

If you want to make a perfect resume, you can use Jabord. The advantages of using the resume builder are that it is ATS-friendly, saves time and energy, has a template library to choose from and is easy to use. You can also see data scientist resume examples to take inspiration for making your resume.

1- ATS friendly

Use resume builder to make ATS friendly resume. Hiring managers use an applicant tracking system to scan the resume. The resume made by our resume maker can pass through applicant tracking systems.

2- Template Library

Our resume builder has an extensive library of templates to choose from. It will make a customized template for you whether you are making resumes for entry-level data science candidates or experienced data scientists.

3- Save Time

You don't need to make your resume from scratch. Save your time with our resume maker, insert your information in the resume builder, and make your resume in a few minutes.

4- Easy to Use

Jabord is very easy to use. You just require to sign up, insert your information, and see the magic. When you write the information, you will get suggestions like soft skills in bullet points.


Some of the most frequently asked questions

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Now you have learned how to make your data science resume. If you have any questions on making a perfect data scientist resume, you can ask in the comment section.

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