Dental Assistant Resume Template

Dental Assistant Resume Template

Dental Assistant Resume Template

Are you looking for a dental assistant job? If yes, then don't forget to compose an excellent resume. A dental assistant resume template is not easy to make as there are some technical skills you need to mention on the resume precisely.

If you want to be a victorious dental assistant, the foremost step is resume preparation. Design your professional dental assistant resume in just five minutes with the help of our resume builder.

If you are an experienced dental assistant with loads of certificates and long work history, you might get a higher opportunity with more pay. But it would be best if you put them on your resume in a way that accentuates your experience. You will get to know how to position all of these specialties on your resume by reading this article.

But if you are a beginner and do not hold experience feel free to add hobbies and other interests to your resume. Do you want to know how you should make the best dental resume template? Let's learn it together.


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Most Important Notes

Prepare Your Dental Assistant Resume Template

The job of a dental assistant is to deliver help to dentists or oral healthcare staff during surgery and patients checkup.

The job also includes administrative work like answering phone calls and recording the patient's history.

The competition is high in dental assistant jobs, so you should make an exertion to make a resume that stands out and transcends your experience compared to other resumes.

The dental assistant resume can be made flashing with the help of the right resume format type.

Dental Assistant Resume Format

  1. Make a chronological resume formatting if you are an expert dental assistant and want to highlight your experience.
  2. Use a combination resume formatting to emphasize both your skills and work experience.
  3. The functional format will help you showcase your skills even if you don't have any experience or work history.
  4. Try to make your resume on one page as it would be more productive and easy to read.
  5. Use a simple word style and standard size of 12 for normal words and 14 for headings.
  6. Try to highlight the headings with colors.
  7. Use 1 margin from all sides of the resume.
  8. Use 1.15 line space settings.
  9. Use bullet points to accentuate the crucial skills, certificates, and work experience.
  10. Outline a dental assistant resume sample before making your resume to think of what you will make. Also, use a perfect cover letter template with the resume. Use a dental assistant resume sample to preview your resume

The content you need to write in every dental assistant resume template is the dental assistant resume objective and resume summary at the top after the contact information.

Write the resume objective/ summary according to the job description to impress hiring managers. A dental assistant resume summary is a must for experienced dental assistants. However, you can mention a resume objective for an inexperienced dental assistant resume can resume.

There are four things you need to focus on in dental resume formatting.

  1. Dental skills
  2. Work experience
  3. Education and certificates
  4. Awards

Dental Assistant Skills

The dental assistant skills are crucial for this job as it is practiced work to help dentists. If jobseekers can provide a great dental assistant resume, they can win the dental assistant position.

Dental assistant duties demand both hard and soft skills. If you want to create a simple dentalassistant resume, your skill section must be exceptional.

Skills Related to Dental Procedures

Mention your hard skills like you may write that you can perform X-Ray imaging for patients.

Other hard skills involve

  1. Basic dental practices
  2. Dental hygienist responsibilities
  3. Patient care
  4. Dental procedure preparation
  5. Can handle dental equipment
  6. Performing routine procedures
  7. Preparing patients for operations or routine checkups is also involved in this category
  8. After hard skills, mention your soft skills like the performance of
  9. Administrative tasks
  10. Educating patients about oral hygiene
  11. Record-keeping of dental histories
  12. Performing basic dental procedures
  13. Can maintain patient records
  14. Dental instruments care
  15. Knowledge of software tools
  16. Electronic medical records of patient information
  17. An optimal patient care
  18. Dental assisting behavior with practicing dentist
  19. Can pay attention to excellent customer service

Work Experience

If you are an experienced registered dental assistant, you can mention your work history in the resume. Also, mention the name of your dental office where you have worked, the number of patients you handled in one day, and the performance of dental hygiene on the patient to impress the hiring manager.

Education and Dental Assisting National Board Certificate

If you want to create a perfect resume template, mention your education and dental assisting courses in bullet points. Dental assistant certification involves the dental assisting national board certification, expanded function dental assistant certificate, and other certificates like dental impressions, i.e., handling sensitive materials related to dental care. You can also mention your dental school name on your dental assisting resume.


This section can mention the awards you have prevailed on the job training, dental assistant accomplishments, and other achievements.

Use Resume Builder

The Jabord resume builder can aid you in making an interactive resume according to a dental assistant job description. Dental assistants usually do not have time to make their resumes from scratch. However, if you want to make a dental assistant resume, you can use templates whether you are a certified dental assistant or an inexperienced non-certified dental assistant. You can also check the dental assistant resume example. The template would be according to your prerequisites.

ATS Optimized

Applicant Tracking Systems

According to job descriptions, the applicant tracking system is used to scan all of the dental assistant resume skills from resume. Resume Builder will help you customize templates for a job posting and add keywords according to the job title.

Easily Downloadable

The resumes made from our resume builder can easily pass through the ATS software because our resume builder makes ATS-friendly resume templates.

You can download your resume from our resume builder in different file types, including pdf, Word, text, QR code, and editable templates. You can also share these files via URL link or as a file.

Attach a cover letter with the dental resume. Also, see dental assistant resume examples from our resume builder. Dental assistant resume samples can help you to build your resume professionally.

After reading this article, you have discovered how to make a dental resume. Comment your thoughts below to let us know if you like it.


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