Entry-Level Accountant Resume Template

Entry-Level Accountant Resume Template

Entry-Level Accountant Resume Template

If you are a fresh graduate and want to pursue your career as an accountant, your equire an entry-level accountant resume template. You can use Jabord to make an entry-level resume template.

There is a lot of competition in entry-level accounting jobs. For finding your first accounting job, it is compulsory to create a perfect resume template for you to impress the hiring manager.

In this guide, you will learn how to deliver targeted content based on the job description, the formatting of the resume, and what skills you should write on your resume.


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Most Important Notes

Entry-level accounting position

Entry-level accountants duties involve:

  1. Assisting the senior manager in various functions like the financial analysis.
  2. Assisting in making financial records.
  3. Performing general ledger.
  4. Assisting the senior accountants in financial management.

Entry-level do target advertising and assist staff accountants in generating financial statements and financial data analysis.

Use the following tips to make an entry-level accounting resume.

1- Update your resume

Update your resume frequently with the Jabord. Also, update your resume before applying for the accounting duties.

2- Proofreading

Before submitting your resume, proofread it and incorporate edits. Make corrections and remove error mistakes.

3-Cover Letter

Make a perfect cover letter template and attach it with the job application.

Resume Format

You can use functional formatting for the entry-level accounting resume. In functional formatting, you can write technical skills related to the accounting field.

Most entry-level job seekers do not have professional experience, so functional and combination formatting are good options.

In combination or hybrid formatting, you can write both experience and skills. Chronological formatting is for experts. And you should only use it if you have more than five years of experience.

Use the chronological format if you have more than five years of experience. In this type of formatting, the job seekers write their employment history in reverse chronological order. Highly experienced professionals use reverse chronological formatting.

Choose the right resume format that matches your skills. Also, make a perfect cv template and a cover letter template to attach with your resume.

Content of Entry-Level Accounting Resume

The first thing the hiring manager wants to see on your entry-level accounting resume is your name. So write your name at the top in bold letters.

After writing your name, write the contact information like phone number, Gmail address, zip code, postal address, LinkedIn profile, and website URL.

For an entry-level position, write a resume objective after the contact information. A resume objective is your goal for the job. For example, you can write about your plans if you want to pursue higher studies or another accountant-related course to showcase that you are willing to learn something new. If you have relevant experience or training, you can write a summary.

You may not have any experience as an entry-level accountant, so you should write about any internship or training in this section. Experts and certified public accountant resumes contain experiences in reverse chronological formatting. But if you do not have anything to write in the experience section, you can skip this section.

Entry-level accountant skills are a crucial part of the resume. Hiring managers are looking for a person who has relevant skills according to the job title. You should write both soft skills and hard skills in your resume. In bullet points, you can write the following entry-level accounting skills in your accountant resume.

  1. Know how to use social media platforms for targeted advertising
  2. Know how to use different software tools for analytics related purposes
  3. Can work in the fast-paced environment of accounting firms
  4. Assist in processing income tax
  5. Communication skills
  6. Relationship building
  7. Basic computer skills
  8. Time management skills
  9. Can assist in making financial reports
  10. Can work under the supervision of a senior accountant
  11. Interpersonal skills
  12. Critical thinking

Write your education after writing the skills. If you are a recent college graduate, you should focus on your skills sections and make your resume more compelling. You can also mention your relevant coursework in your resume. Academic knowledge is necessary for an accountant as it involves many hard skills. Write your university's name and mention the year in which you get your bachelor's degree. If you have not completed your education yet, you can write the expected date of your result or the completion of the degree.

After writing your education, you can write about the languages you can speak. Also, mention your awards and hobbies in your resume. Awards showcase your achievements as a tax accountant. If you have any academic achievements, you can also mention them in your resume.

When you mention your hobbies and interests in your resume, they give the resume a personal touch.

ATS Optimized

Use Jabord

You can make your entry-level accountant resume through Jabord. Creating resumes with the resume builder is easy and saves your time.

1- Templates

Jabord has a templates library, and you can choose any template according to your expertise. Jabord can allow third-party companies or third-party sites based on your request to provide the services if you want a custom-made template.


Jabord builds resumes that can pass through the applicant tracking system. ATS is a tool to scan the resume and is commonly used by hiring managers.

3-Downloadable and shareable

You can download your resume in PDF, Word, editable templates, and QR codes. You can also provide builder access to your employees if you use the pro version of Jabord.

4-Career pages

Many companies hire eligible candidates and look for the employees through career pages from Jabord. You can make or upload your resume and find the jobs from the career pages.

5-Saves Time

If you make your resume using Word, your template may fall apart if you try to edit it. To avoid such tensions, you should use Jabord to make your resume. You will get a professional template from Jabord. Jabord also gives you suggestions when you write skills in the resume.


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