Executive Resume Template

Executive Resume Template

Executive Resume Template

Do you have all the supervision skills to become an executive? If so, you need a resume before applying to an executive job for a company. Jabord can create a top-notch executive resume template for you in just a few minutes.

Executives barely have time to read their emails. If that is the case with you, you can't read many articles and then make a resume from scratch. We provide a to-the-point guide for making an executive resume template.

After reading this article, you will be able to make a professional executive resume in a few minutes. Also, you will know what format you should choose for yourself and what content you should put in your resume.


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Most Important Notes

Who is an Executive?

An executive is a senior employee having the management responsibilities of a company or a business. The executive also plans and does business development perseverance budgeting and devises new policies for the company.

The executive also visits other offices to attend the meetings, whether local, national, or international meetings.

There are various executive levels like C-level, V-level, D-level, and B-level. C-level is the highest-ranking level and is also known as the chief level. C-level positions include chief information officer, vice president, chief executive officer, and chief marketing officer.

Executive Resume Format According to the Job Description

The reverse-chronological format is the professional format you can use to apply for the executive position as executive positions demand a professional and experienced person. That is why the chronological format is best.

You can put your work history in chronological format, starting from recent jobs to past jobs. Hiring managers are familiar with this format. They are picky about the executive-level resume for higher-level job titles.

Keep your resume design and font style simple and readable, and use one-page resume templates. Use bold for headings and use colors like blue to highlight the headings more. Seethe executive resume sample to take ideas and inspiration for writing your resume.

Content of the Executive Resume Templates/ Executive Resume Samples

Write the contact information on top of the executive resume. Write your contact information in the following order

  1. Name
  2. Contact number
  3. Gmail address
  4. Postal address and zip code
  5. Website URL
  6. Linkedin profile

After writing your contact information to the resume, it's time to write a resume summary. The executive summary consists of a brief description of career highlights of the past executive roles related to a job description.

Resume objectives are not for executive resume templates because entry-level job seekers use them

The next part is to put your employment history on the executive resume. Mention all the jobs that you have done in the past. A resume expert recommends a chronological format to highlight your career progression throughout the years to impress potential employers. You can also cite your personal brand.

The executive resumes have overlapping skills for different levels of executive positions. You can put these skills on the executive resumes, whether it is a marketing executive resume, sales executive resume, or any other type of executive resume. Some of the technical skills and soft skills for an executive role are mentioned below:

  1. Able to execute lean sales initiatives as a sales executive
  2. Can boost the revenue opportunities
  3. Can accelerate revenue growth
  4. Can do real-time communication
  5. Should be an active member
  6. Leadership skill
  7. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  8. Budgeting and finance
  9. Can make strategies to raise money
  10. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  11. Can meet sales goals and give expert tips to the team
  12. Able to handle marketing executive association
  13. Know the use of the latest technology
  14. Meet deadlines and negotiate contracts
  15. Developing business
  16. Interpersonal skills
  17. Listening capacity
  18. Relationship building

They are all the key skills that the hiring manager is looking for in the hiring process for a new job title.

Board members are looking for the best candidate having both soft and hard skills for problem-solving and management for the future role. Job requirements for executive positions are high.

Mention your education in the education section and add your awards, key accomplishments, and hobbies to give the resume a personal touch. Write your resume in bullet points and make it professional to get your target position in the revenue company.

Also, attach cover letters with the resume to make it more proficient. Use executive resume examples or executive resume samples to take inspiration.

To make a great resume and stand out from the mass of other candidates, you can use a resume builder.

Use a Resume Maker

You can use our resume builder to create a resume in just a few minutes. As an executive director, you do not need a cover letter and resume writing skills. You can find an extensive library of interactive resume templates in our resume builder. You can also see an executive resume example or sample executive resume to take an idea of writing your resume.

ATS Optimized

ATS Friendly

The resumes formed by resume builders can pass through applicant tracking systems. ATS is software used by hiring managers to scan an executive resume template. Use the top-notch and ats-friendly resume template to stand out from the crowd.


You can download and share your resume with the resume builder. Download your executive resume in Word, pdf, editable templates, URL, QR Code, and google docs.


Some of the most frequently asked questions

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Our resume builder is free for one-person resume creation. If you are a company and a business, you can enjoy pro features. You can download and share the links globally with the resume builder.

Thank you for reading the article. Make your resume perfect with the help of this guide and apply for the job. Attach a cover letter with your resume and job application. Now you can make your winning executive resume in a few minutes. You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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