Marketing Coordinator Resume Template

Marketing Coordinator Resume Template

Marketing Coordinator Resume Template

A marketing coordinator has superb time management skills. To showcase these skills to the hiring manager, you need to make a professional resume.

Jabord is a resume builder through which you can easily make a marketing coordinator resume template.    

This guide will teach how you can coordinate your resume sections. What content you should put on your resume, and what should be the resume's formatting. Let's get started.


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Most Important Notes

Marketing Coordinator

The job responsibilities of a marketing coordinator involve running marketing campaigns, making strategies, forecasting and analyzing the sales, email marketing, promoting and organizing presentations, and making content calenders.

The marketing coordinate duties also include staying updated about the market trends and branding and advertising plan making. It requires a degree in marketing or a related field to be a marketing coordinator. 

Marketing Campaigns

The main duty of the marketing coordinator involves strategizing and running marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and sales.

Creating a marketing coordinate resume template is not easy, and you can utilize the following tips to make a professional resume. 

Tips for making a resume

Updates and Proofread

Update your resume often with Jabord according to the job titles and proofread your resume before submitting it to the hiring manager. Proofreading will help you to incorporate edits in your resume.

2-Cover Letter

Attach a cover letter with the job application when applying to the new job.


Do not forget to visit a marketing coordinators resume example to take inspiration for formatting.

Formatting of the Resume

The marketing resume formatting depends on how many years you have worked as a marketer. If you have been doing marketing for more than eight years, you should choose the chronological formatting. You can write your previous job experience and employment history progressively in chronological formatting. 

If you have no practical experience and have just begun marketing, you should choose functional formatting. The functional formatting highlights your skills and does not focus on your experience. 

You can write both your working experience and skills if you have less than 2 years of marketing experience. This type of formatting is known as hybrid formatting or combination formatting. 

Use simple word format and bold letters to highlight your headings. Choose the right format according to your marketing expertise. You can also visit the marketing coordinator resume examples to take ideas for making your marketing coordinator resume.

Content of Marketing Coordinators Resume

After selecting the right resume format, you can start writing your resume. You should write your official contact details and your official name. Mention your phone number, Gmail, LinkedIn, and website link. 

The marketing coordinator resume objective or marketing coordinator resume summary is the next crucial section of a resume template. If you write this section compellingly, you can win the job by impressing the hiring manager. If you have a high level of experience and skills, you can write a resume summary. But if you are not a senior marketing coordinator, you should choose a resume objective to impress the hiring manager. 

A resume summary is a brief paragraph in which you can write highlights about your previous marketing coordinator jobs.

After writing your summary or objective, it's time to write your marketing coordinator experience and past marketing activities in reverse chronological order. You can also visit the marketing coordinator resume example. 

You must have soft and hard marketing skills to be eligible for a marketing coordinator position. You can write the following skills in your digital marketing coordinator resume to impress hiring managers to get a marketing position. 

  1. Can work in the sales team and make sales presentations
  2. Can make digital marketing strategies and social media posts
  3. Public relations and reporting to the senior management
  4. Branding strategies, including direct mail pieces
  5. Can do search engine optimization
  6. Knowledge of google analytics
  7. Can promote brand awareness
  8. Run marketing campaign and usage of marketing tools
  9. Social media campaigns
  10. Maintain marketing materials
  11. Email marketing for brand recognition
  12. Brand management
  13. Handle social media channels
  14. Event planning according to brand guidelines
  15. Collaboration skills with marketing managers 
  16. Critical thinking for marketing efforts
  17. Develop interpersonal relationships
  18. Create methods of ordering packaging materials
  19. Proposal development and menu development
  20. Project management and market research
  21. Can make marketing collateral
  22. Analyse sales data and print ads

You can also add more soft skills to the list to show that you can work with other team members and a marketing manager to make marketing plans. After writing these skills to your marketing coordinator resume, you should add your high school diploma. Write the name of your bachelor's degree, like education bachelor of computer science, 2020. Also, include the name of your university. Also, add your awards and certifications to your resume.

For making a great marketing coordinator resume, you should add hobbies and interests to give them a personal touch. Also, see the marketing coordinator resume example, cv examples, and cover letter examples, and attach a cover letter with your job application.

ATS Optimized

Use Resume Builder

You can use a resume builder to make your resume professional. You will get editable templates and suggestions to insert your skills in the Jabord.

1- Save Time

You can save time by making your marketing resume with Jabord.

2- How to use Jabord?

It is easy to use Jabord; you require to sign up here. After signing up, you can write your personal information, and you will get a QR Code in the free version. You can also get other features in the paid version.

3- Downloadable

You can download and share your resume in different formats like pdf, Microsoft office, editable templates, QR Code, and as a link.

4- ATS-Friendly

Jabord makes resumes that are applicant tracking system friendly. ATS is a tool used by the hiring manager to scan your resume. 


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Thank you for reading the guide. Now you learn how to make your marketing coordinate resume. You can give your valuable opinions in the comment section.

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