Nursing Student Resume Template

Nursing Student Resume Template

Nursing Student Resume Template

Are you facing problems making nursing resumes? If you have recently finished your nursing studies or are about to finish your degree and look for your first job, this article is for you.

Nursing student resumes are not easy to make. It is a stressful and time-consuming process, but with the help of our resume builder, you can build your student nursing resume professionally in a few minutes.

In this article, you will learn how to make a professional nursing resume, what formats you should choose, and what nursing skills you should put on your resume.


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Most Important Notes

Nursing Students

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for nursing and other medical professionals. But in areas with more concentration, the competition is high, and it is necessary to stand out from the crowd to get hired.

To make a professional nursing student resume, please follow these resume tips:

  1. Update your nursing student resume before applying for a new job.
  2. Use proper formatting and page layout to make a nursing student resume.
  3. Always make a one-page nursing student resume.
  4. Optimize and proofread each section of the resume before submission.
  5. Your nursing student resume must pass through the applicant tracking system.

Nursing Student Resume Formatting

A chronological resume format is used by professionals and registered nurses having great work experience, but this format is not valid for the student's resume.

Always use a functional resume template because as a fresh graduate or during your studies, you don't have strong work experience like other nursing students. To make your resume perfect, you can highlight your strong education and skill section according to the job description.

The combination or hybrid resume template can include both skills and work experience; you can use this type of resume format if you have some work experience.

A new graduate nurse can impress the hiring manager by showcasing that she has strong nursing skills and medical knowledge gained through the clinical experience during her education.

A perfect nursing resume template has proper formatting, and the word font style is simple. Use margin one from each side for your nursing student resume. Also, attach cover letters with your resume template when applying for an entry-level nurse job.

Most nursing students have not completed their nursing degree when they apply for their first job. If that is the case with you, you can apply for the nursing jobs like caregiver, hospital receptionist, and housekeeper. If you have completed your nursing degree you can become a certified nursing assistant with a top-notch nursing resume and perfect nursing cover letter. Also, see nursing student resume examples for more clarity.

Content of Nursing Student Resume

The content of a student nurse resume consists of the following things

  1. Contact information
  2. New grad nursing resume objective
  3. Nursing student resume skills
  4. Nursing experience
  5. Nursing education
  6. Awards/Certificates/achievements
  7. Interests and hobbies

You can write contact information on your resume, including your phone number, Gmail address, Website URL, and your nursing school address.

After the contact information, the new grad rn resume objective. A summary is best for an experienced and licensure registered nurse. A nursing student resume summary is not recommended for entry-level nurse resumes; instead, use the resume objective. The reason is that a professional and experienced registered nurse uses a resume summary. On the other hand, a resume objective is used by fresh job seekers with little to no experience.

You can write about your future goals and passion related to the job description in the resume objective. Write a crisp nursing resume objective to impress hiring managers.

Nursing Resume Skills

The next thing you should put on your entry-level nurse resume is nursing student resume skills. To make a professional resume, you can write the following skills on your new grad nurse template

  1. Patient education
  2. Leadership qualities e.g. leading student nursing association
  3. Checking patient vital signs
  4. Have skills in providing care and Supervised patient mobilization
  5. Coordination with multidisciplinary team members
  6. Usage of basic medical equipment
  7. Know about medical terminology
  8. Can handle multiple patients
  9. Pressing skills with exam preparation and tough routine
  10. Wound dressing
  11. Have assisted patients as a teacher's assistant

You can also add your soft skills like

  1. Communication skills
  2. Compassion
  3. Ethics
  4. Stamina
  5. Willingness to learn new things.

Add your experiences if you have any. You can write your clinical experience as a student or during clinical rotations. Almost every nursing student has a clinical rotation section during their studies.

After that, you can write your education and mention your nursing program certificates. You can write like this: Education bachelor of science in nursing. There is a debate about how to write your education degree in some nursing circles if you have not completed it yet. If you are recently graduated, you can write that on your resume, but if you are still studying in your last or second last semester, you can mention the expected graduation date.

After that, mention your certifications and awards on your resume to highlight your achievements. Attach a perfect cover letter template with the resume and job application. Also, see the nursing student resume sample for more ideas.


Creating resumes with our resume maker is fun and exciting. You can use our resume creator to save your time and quickly make a perfect resume template. The hiring manager sees the skills required for the specific job. So highlight your skill section by using the right resume format. You can also see the sample resume in our resume maker. You can also see a nursing student resume example to clarify your student nurse resumes-making ideas.

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Your nursing student resume should pass through applicant tracking systems. Our resume builder will help you with making ATS-friendly resumes.

Resume Template Library

Our resume builder contains an extensive library of hr approved resume templates. Select your favorite template and make your resume. You can see a nursing student resume example to see what template will suit your needs.


You can download your resume with the resume maker in different file formats, for example, Word, TXT, PDF, Google Docs, QR code, URL link, and editable templates.


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