Paralegal Resume Template

Paralegal Resume Template

Paralegal Resume Template

The role of the paralegal is in demand nowadays. There is a lot of competition in this profession and making a perfect paralegal resume is difficult. So we are giving you a resume tool to solve all your problems.

Build your paralegal resume template with Jabord in a few minutes and win the paralegal position of your dreams. 

At the end of this guide, you will be able to make a professional paralegal resume. Let's learn the formatting and the content type of a paralegal resume for entry-level and professional job seekers.


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Most Important Notes

Paralegal Resume

The role of a paralegal needs to have legal knowledge, but that knowledge is not equal to the lawyer. Paralegals assist the lawyers in their work. The duties of a paralegal involve:

  1. Maintaining contact with the client.
  2. Interviewing clients.
  3. Locating witnesses and conducting their interviews.
  4. Conducting research.
  5. Legal research.
  6. Preparing and drafting legal documents.
  7. Summarizing the interrogations and testimony.

They usually work in a law firm with lawyers.

Paralegal jobs also have the background in drafting legal memorandums, criminal law, and immigration law.

Legal Research

Legal research is to answer a legal question according to the law. It also helps to check a legal precedent. It is also crucial to analyze the legal issue.

Legal Documents

The document that can affect a person's legal rights is known as a legal document. Drafted legal documents are used for various legal purposes.

The tips for writing a good paralegal resume are the following.

Updating your resume is compulsory and increases the chances of winning the job. Because when you update your resume regularly, there are fewer chances of careless mistakes and missing any important information. So update your resume frequently.

Proofreading your paralegal resume helps you in finding unintentional mistakes and errors. You can correct the mistakes in your resume by proofreading and can edit them.

You can use the resume builder to save your time by making a new resume and updating the existing one.

You should choose the right format for your resume to make it look professional. Do not forget to attach cover letters with your job application. Also, see a paralegal resume sample to take different views and ideas.

Formatting of a Paralegal Resume

The formatting can be done in reverse chronological format, combination or hybrid format, and functional format.

The formatting of a senior paralegal's resume is chronological. Reverse chronological resume formatting involves the placement of your work history. The hiring manager likes this type of formatting because it shows the career progression.

The entry-level paralegal resume format is functional. A functional resume format allows job seekers to put their experiences and hide their negative points.

A combination of resume formatting involves both experience and skills. If you have less than five years of experience, you should use this type of formatting. 

You can use a one-page resume to impress the hiring managers. If you have more than eight years of experience, you can use a two-page resume. Sample paralegal resume or paralegal resume example can inspire you to make a resume perfect.

Choose the right resume format and make a detail-oriented paralegal resume.

Content of Resume

The content of the resume consist of the following information
  1. Contact information
  2. Paralegal resume summary and paralegal resume objective
  3. Paralegal experience
  4. Paralegal skills
  5. Education section
  6. Awards and certificate
  7. Languages
To write the resume's content, you should add your contact information in the following order.
  1. Name 
  2. Active phone number
  3. Postal address 
  4. Zip code
  5. website URL
  6. LinkedIn account

After writing your contact information, it's time to write a resume objective or resume summary. You should write a resume summary if you are an experienced paralegal candidate, but entry-level paralegal candidates should use the resume objective.

Resume objectives are the future passion and goals, while a resume summary is a brief paragraph about the past career highlights. These are the hook lines that can impress hiring managers. So pick these lines wisely.

After writing the job objective, you can write your work experience. It would help if you wrote your previous jobs in reverse chronological order. You can see paralegal resume samples for taking inspiration to win a paralegal job.

You can write the following paralegal skills on your resume. Also, feel free to use these skills in your resume whether you are a junior paralegal, organized certified paralegal, or a successful paralegal expert.

Following are the hard and soft skills you can use in your resume.
  1. Analysis of legal documentation
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Legal research 
  4. Can file legal documents
  5. Know about family law
  6. Research skills
  7. Communication skills
  8. Can do legal work
  9. Can work in a fast-paced environment
  10. Time management skills

After writing your skills, you can write the education section. For example, you can write your paralegal studies and a law degree. You can also write your certifications if you are a certified legal assistant.

Also, write your awards, achievements, and languages. You can visit great paralegal resume examples to take an idea for making formatting and writing content for your paralegal resume. Also, attach a cover letter with your resume while applying to a job posting.

ATS Optimized

Use Jabord

You can write a paralegal resume with the help of Jabord and can save your time. Jabord has an exclusive library of templates, you can choose the perfect resume template for you. You can also insert your personal information and Jabord will make professionally designed resume templates according to your skills.

1- Downloadable

You can download and share your resume template in different formats like pdf, Word, editable templates, and QR codes.

2- ATS-Friendly

The resumes made by Jabord are ATS-Friendly. Hiring managers use this tool to scan the resumes of candidates.

You can save your time by making a resume with the resume builder. You just have to put your information according to the job description.

Jabord will give you suggestions when you write about your skills on the template. Creating a resume with jabord is very easy. 


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