Project Management Resume Template

Project Management Resume Template

Project Management Resume Template

Do you have leadership skills and can handle a project alone? If you are a good project manager, you have to make a good resume to showcase what you are capable of. It isn't easy to highlight the points in an order that can catch the hiring manager's attention.

Don't worry. Jabord is here to help you. Jabord is a resume builder who can make your resume within minutes and save time and energy.

In this article, you will learn about making a project management resume, formatting, and content of the resume.


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Most Important Notes

Project Managers

The project manager leads the team and strategically plans, develops ideas, creates the dream team, and meets project timelines. The project manager role also involves the management of the budget for the project completion.

The project manager also handles the issues that arise in the full project lifecycle, for example, risk management in issues like project budget, etc. Satisfying the stakeholders and project performance evaluation is also included in this job description.

You can follow the following tips to make a perfect project manager resume.

1- Updating

You can update your resume often to include the information. Updating your resume will help you incorporate new experiences and certificates. You will not miss any piece of the information when you have to make an urgent resume or when you want to apply for a job title.

2- Proofreading

Proofreading your resume before submission removes the chances of errors and mistakes. If you don't do proofreading, there are chances of having errors in your resume. The errors and mistakes make a bad impression on you as the hiring manager. 

3- Cover letters

Attach cover letters with your resume and job application. A cover letter is a paragraph where you write information about your career and experiences. 

4- Project Management Resume Examples

Visit the project manager resume example to understand how you should make your resume. For example, if you make an agile project manager resume sample, you can see the related resume examples to make your resume perfect. 

Project Manager Resume Formatting

The resume formatting is an essential part of the project manager's resume. It lets the reader see the positive sides and highlights your positive skills and experience. With the right format, you can hide all of your career drawbacks or anything you don't want the hiring manager to see that makes a bad impression on you. At the same time, the proper formatting also helps you to highlight your skills. 

You should make a reverse-chronological format if you are a senior project manager. A reverse chronological format allows the project manager to showcase your career progression. 

If you do not have any project management experience, you should make functional formatting. It allows the job seekers to write project management skills instead of experience and career history.

The third resume formatting is a hybrid or combination resume format. You can write the relevant skills and experience in this type of resume formatting. Visit project manager resume samples to select formatting for your resume templates.

Content of Project Manager Resume

The content of the project manager's resume starts from your official name. Write your name in bold letters. After writing your name, write your active phone number, Gmail address, website URL, LinkedIn profile, etc.

If you are writing a senior project manager resume, you should write a resume summary. But if you are writing an entry-level resume, you should make the resume objective. A project manager resume summary is a brief paragraph that showcases your past career highlights. At the same time, resume objectives showcase your future goals. 

After writing your resume summary or objective, you should write your work history in chronological format if you are an experienced project manager. If you are begging and don't have any past project experience, skip this section and move to the next section. Senior project managers can write their previously managed project and job duties. 

You can write these resume skills in any project manager's resume, whether you are writing a technical project manager resume, agile project manager resume, entry-level project manager resume, experienced project manager resume, construction project manager resume, or project management professional resume. 

According to your project manager job description, choose the following hard and soft project management skills.

  1. Manage the project progress
  2. Handling of multiple projects
  3. Manage lean training project
  4. Analysis of annual revenue
  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. Leadership skills
  7. Team management skills
  8. Communication skills
  9. Budget management
  10. Risk handling
  11. Work with the project team
  12. Construction projects knowledge

Write the most relevant skills on your resume according to the job descriptions and impress the hiring managers. You can write the hard skills according to the project manager role, e.g., technical project manager role skills, construction project managers skills, master project management skills, etc. 

An effective project manager's resume also includes an education section. Mention your bachelor's degree on your resume when you apply to a project management institute for a project manager position. Citing your degree and project management certificates makes your resume more professional. 

Include certificates, awards, hobbies, and interests at the end of the resume to make it more compelling.

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Use a Resume Builder

You can use Jabord to make an effective project manager resume. This tool will make your job application process easier. Whether you are a certified scrum master or a beginner project manager, you can take many benefits from this resume builder.


You can make an applicant-tracking systems-friendly resume with the help of this resume builder. 


You can download and share the best project manager resume created by Jabord in various formats, including pdf, Word, editable templates, QR Codes, and website URLs.


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