Receptionist Resume Template

Receptionist Resume Template

Receptionist Resume Template

Are you looking for receptionist resume templates? In this article, you can learn how to make a receptionist resume and what you should write in it.

Receptionist resumes are not easy to make according to the job description. To impress hiring managers, you need a fantastic resume template. You can use Jabord resume builder if you want step-by-step guidance and assistance in writing your resume.

After reading this article, you will be able to write a perfect receptionist resume according to your qualification and experience. You can also learn what skills receptionists should have on their resumes.


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Most Important Notes

The Finest Receptionist's Resume

A receptionist's resume showcases your skills and capability to perform the task related to reception. A receptionist greets guests or clients and receives phone calls at the reception of the company, hospital, or organization.

Receptionists' resumes are different depending on the company you are applying to, e.g., medical receptionist resume, dental receptionist resume, office receptionist resume, etc.

You can build a resume with the help of our resume maker tool and get a resume template according to your job requirement and skills.

Receptionist Resume Formatting

If you are an experienced receptionist, use a reverse chronological resume template. You can showcase your employment history and impress the hiring manager. You can write the names of the past companies and your past receptionist role and responsibilities. Use bullet points to write the information.

If you are a beginner and want to apply for receptionist jobs, do not worry about the experience details. You can highlight your management skills so that the hiring manager can see how you can help.

If you want to showcase experience and skills, you can use a combination resume.

Do not use stylish word styles that are hard to read. Always use simple word styles like new roman, Arial, etc. Use 12 sizes for writing and 14 for heading. Keep your margin 1 from all the sides and use 1.15 line spacing.

Do not make a multiple-page resume. Always make a single-page resume format. The single-page resume format is easy-to-read. Your resume layout should be simple and attractive.

Receptionist Resume Content According to the Job Description

Start with writing your contact information. Add your name, contact number, Gmail address, posting address, zip code, and website URL.

If you are an experienced receptionist, write a receptionist resume summary about your past receptionist positions.

Entry-level receptionist resume has receptionist resume objective in which you write about your plans and passion for your job to impress the HR manager.

After writing a resume summary and objectives, you can write your work history if you are an experienced receptionist. After writing the experience section, fill in your professional skills section.

As a beginner, you can skip the experience section and directly move on to the skill section. Reception management is all about skills. Following are the hard and soft receptionist skills that a receptionist should mention on the resume.

Hard Skills

  1. Scheduling appointments
  2. Management of multi-line phone system
  3. Perform front desk receptionist duties
  4. Can utilize office equipment
  5. Handling of incoming and outgoing calls
  6. Manage company database
  7. Knowledge of insurance verification
  8. Perform clerical duties like adding personal and financial Managing information of clients or patients
  9. Handle fax machines, ms office suite

Soft Skills

These skills involve organizational skills, technical skills, communication skills, and quality service. Interpersonal skills, making office operations, managing patient appointments, can make and handling patient accounts, providing customer satisfaction, patient records management, and time management skills. Mention all the relevant skills to make a perfect resume while applying to a job posting.

Now it's time to put your high school diploma on your resume. Job seekers who want to become receptionists need skills to qualify for the job. Mentioning your education makes a good impression and makes the resume more professional.

You can mention awards, certifications, and hobbies in your resume.

Attach your resume with the job application and a cover letter

ATS Optimized

ATS-Friendly Resume

You can build ATS friendly receptionist resume with the help of a resume maker tool. Jabord makes the resumes simple and easy to read and designs them to pass through the ATS system.


You can download resumes from Jabord in different formats like PDF, WORD, TXT, QR Code, and editable resume templates.


Some of the most frequently asked questions

Can receptionist resume examples help you to write a professional resume?

Yes, receptionist resume examples help you if you are writing a resume for yourself as they give an idea of what you should write in your resume template. You can also use Jabord to see examples of how your resume will look after completion.

According to the receptionist resume example, can you make a free resume with the help of Jabord?

Yes, you can make a professional resume with the help of Jabord for free. You can also download your resume and share it.

What skills do you need to get a receptionist job?

The essential skills of a receptionist involve the management of phone calls, can tack and purchase office supplies, front desk receptionist responsibilities, implementing and making an office scheduling system, can handle multiple phone lines, can answer calls, greeting clients.

What is the most crucial skill a receptionist should have?

Multi-line phone systems management is an important skill for a receptionist from where they can provide excellent customer service. Answering calls sometimes become very hectic and stressful during general office duties. A receptionist ought to be a patient person to handle the calls during office jobs and front desk management with positive vibes.

Can you write different languages on the resume template?

Please mention your multiple languages skill on your resume. As a receptionist, you will be dealing with different types of people. It would help if you are speaking or answering phones in their language.

Thank you for reading this article. Now you can make a professional receptionist resume. So please make a new resume or update your resume with our resume maker and win the job of your dreams. You can tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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