Warehouse Resume Template

Warehouse Resume Template

Warehouse Resume Template

Are you good at managing everything, restocking shelves, processing, and taking care of the orders for shipping them promptly? But how to show all of these capabilities on your resume. Jabord will help you to make a professional warehouse resume template.

A hiring manager will have a huge pile of resumes in front of him. Your resume must be written in a manner that stands out from the crowd and grabs the hiring manager's attention.

In this guide, you will be able to learn how you can make a resume perfect, what format you should choose, and what content you should write in your resume.


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Most Important Notes

Warehouse Worker

The responsibilities of general warehouse workers involve making sure that everything is clean and safe. Job duties also require handling the merchandise and loading and unloading them using different types of equipment from the delivery vehicle. 

They are also responsible for ensuring that the delivery items do not have any faults. Warehouse duties also include ensuring that the inventory is labeled and marked correctly. Moving the merchandise through the distribution center and loading and unloading them to ensure that everything is good and there are no defects in the merchandise are the main duties of warehouse workers.

There are various levels of employees for warehouse work. You can follow the given tips to make your resume perfect. 

  1. Updating your warehouse worker resume frequently and when applying to a new job according to the warehouse job description.
  2. Proofread your resume to make sure that there are no errors and mistakes.
  3. Choosing the best format for your resume.
  4. See warehouse worker resume samples to take inspiration for making your resume. Also, attach a cover letter with your resume.

Format of Your Great Warehouse Worker Resume

Resume formatting is very crucial in making a great warehouse worker resume. There are three types of formats for a functional resume. Chronological formatting is for senior and most experienced warehouse worker resume. Use hard numbers to write the years and dates of your experience.

Functional formatting is for entry-level warehouse workers. They can insert warehouse working skills in the resume and impress hiring managers with the help of their plus points.

You can insert both your skills and experience in combination or hybrid formatting. Choose the best format according to your skills and expertise.

Try to make a one-page resume if you do not have experience of more than ten to twelve years. Use simple fonts and formatting so that the content of your resume is easy to read. Make bullet points in your warehouse worker resume.

Warehouse Worker Resume Content

The resume content starts with the contact information. You should write your contact information in the following way to get your dream warehouse job.

  1. Your First name and Last name
  2. Phone number
  3. Official Gmail address
  4. Postal address
  5. Zipcode
  6. LinkedIn account
  7. Website URL

A warehouse worker resume summary is the next crucial thing. Hiring managers may not have time to read your whole resume as they have bundles of warehouse resumes of job seekers. So to get their attention, you should write a compelling summary. So that after the hiring manager sees your summary, they can select you among hundreds of other job seekers. A warehouse resume summary summarises your past working history. If you are a senior warehouse worker, you should write a summary.

Resume objectives show your future goals for your career. If you have less warehouse experience, you can use the warehouse resume objective.

After writing your objectives, you should write your experience as a warehouse worker. You can write your experience in chronological formatting. If you do not have the experience, you can skip the experience section and move on to the skills section.

You can write the following warehouse resume skills on your resume.

  1. Manage quality control 
  2. Can make reports of defective materials
  3. Can perform duties like loading and unloading trucks
  4. Can transport raw materials to various sites
  5. Packing boxes
  6. Operating equipment like an electric pallet jack
  7. Working in a fast-paced warehouse environment
  8. Leadership skills
  9. Communication skills
  10. Record keeping
  11. Recording of inventory counts and inventory management
  12. Customer satisfaction
  13. Can utilize computer and automated systems
  14. Follow safety protocols while performing warehouse operations
  15. Perform tasks with minimal supervision by the warehouse supervisor
  16. Accurate processing and stocking of incoming merchandise
  17. Can work flexible hours
  18. Work in the shipping department and perform related duties

You can also write other soft skills according to the job description. After writing the skills section, you should write your education section. You should put your high school diploma and valid driver's license. Also, specialized education is necessary other than the high school education to handle hazardous materials if you are applying for warehouse jobs that need working with dangerous materials. 

You can also add your interests and hobbies to make a perfect resume. Do not forget to mention any awards and achievements in your resume. Attach a cover letter with your job application to impress the hiring manager. Also, visit the warehouse worker resume example to take inspiration for making the best resume.

ATS Optimized

Make a Professional Resume With Jabord

You can make your warehouse manager resume in just a few minutes through resume builder. You need to put your information and relevant skills in the resume template for making the resume. A warehouse worker resume sample also helps you in building the perfect resume.

Applicant Tracking System

The resumes built by Jabord can pass through applicant tracking systems easily. ATS is a tool that helps the hiring manager scan the resumes of candidates applying for warehouse jobs. 

Templates and suggestions for warehouse manager skills

You can find a library of templates in Jabord. You can choose the template and make a new resume or update your information. Jabord also gives you suggestions when you write your skills. 


You can download and share your resume in PDF, Word, editable templates, and QR Code formats.


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