Caregiver Resume Template

Caregiver Resume Template

Caregiver Resume Template

If you feel satisfied giving care to others and are looking for making a caregiver resume, then you have come to the right place.

Just like a caregiver provide care to deserving people who cannot take care of themselves. Jabord resume builder helps job seekers to make the resume template in just a few minutes. Jobseekers can easily build their resumes without wasting their time and energy.

Let's explore how to make a caregiver resume in detail with the step-by-step guideline.


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Most Important Notes

Professional Caregiver Resume

The role of a professional caregiver is to provide care and attention to the people who cannot take care of themselves for example elders, children, and disabled people. Caregivers assist patients with daily living.

People hire private caregivers to assist the person who is unable to perform his daily life tasks like eating food, walking, and other activities. Caregiver jobs also include personal care aides and emotional and physical support. Also, educate the family members about the patient care.

Care giver's resume is necessary for your job as it will have a great impact on the hiring manager that you are trustworthy and a knowledgeable person. The caregiver can be employed for caregiving in nursing homes, patients homes, and private clinics for private clients

Formatting of A Resume

The formatting of a caregiver's resume depends on your experience. There are different types of caregiving duties like providing care to children, elders, or disabled people. The resume formatting will be the same for all kinds of caregiver resume. It only depends on your experience and skills.

Depending on your experience there are three types of caregiver resume formats. Choose the right resume format according to your experience.

If you are an experienced caregiver with5+ years of experience, write a reverse chronological resume template. In this resume format, you can write your caregiving experience history like write if you provide caregiving duties for a child. Also, write the year in which you have done your job.

Use functional formatting to highlight your caregiving skills. Like you can write if you can perform light housekeeping duties or if you are physically fit to handle a disabled person etc.

You can write a combination resume or hybrid resume format if you want to mention both your caregiving skills and experiences. Also, visit the caregiver resume examples to take an idea about making your format.

Caregiving Resume Content

You can insert your contact information on the resume at the top or at the top left corner to make it stand out. You can write the following contact details in the caregiver's resume

  1. Write your first name and last name in bold.
  2. Write your active phone number on the resume.
  3. Write your Gmail address. Do not use the nonprofessional Gmail address. Make a Gmail with your official name and then write it on your caregiver resume.
  4. Put your post office address on the resume.
  5. Put your LinkedIn profile name or put the link on the resume.
  6. You can also put your website URL on the resume.

After writing your contact information you should write a caregiver resume objective or caregiver resume summary. The summary or objective should be placed at the top of the resume and should be written in a way that convinces the hiring manager to hire you immediately.

In the resume objective, you will write your future plan about the job and also write that you are passionate about the caregiving profession to convince the hiring manager that you are a compassionate caregiver. If you are writing an entry-level caregiver resume, you can write a resume objective.

In summary, you can write about your past experiences and career highlights relevant to the job description. Choose a resume summary if you are a professional and expert caregiver with 5+ years of experience.

Write your past experience after writing a summary. You can write your specialization in caregiver duties like if you are a child caregiver, elderly caregiver, personal caregiver, or disabled person caregiver.

After writing experiences you can write caregiver resume skills. The following caregiver skills can be written in all types of caregiver resume like in-home caregiver resume, elderly caregiver resume, private caregiver resume, personal caregiver resumes, or child caregiver resumes.

  1. Can do personal caregiving and emotional support
  2. Know basic medical procedures
  3. Can do meal preparation
  4. Can take care of physical and emotional needs
  5. First aid and personal care
  6. Obtained household supplies and run daily
  7. Can provide home health aides
  8. Time management
  9. Can provide physical support
  10. Physical fitness to support disabled and elderly patients
  11. Safe patient handling
  12. Can take care of personal hygiene and dressing of patient

After writing these soft and hard skills you can write your educational degree like a high school diploma. You can also mention your certificates like certifications cna CPR, American caregiver association certificate, and other certificates of any training program.

You can also insert other soft skills like communication skills, leadership skills, and other most relevant skills in your resume. For example, if you want to make a child caregiver resume, first see a caregiver resume sample to take an idea of making your resume.

At the end of the resume, you can mention your awards, certificates, and achievements to show case your capabilities. You can also include your hobbies and interests. See the caregiver resume example to take inspiration for making your own resume. Also, attach the caregiver cover letter with your resume to impress the hiring managers.

Tips About Making Caregiver Resume

You can use the following tips to make the best caregiving resume.

1- Update Resume According to the Job Description

Update your resume frequently and add the information about the new training and certificates regularly.

2- Proofread

Proofread your resume and make edits to correct the mistakes in your resume.

3- See Caregiver Resume Sample

See the caregiver resume samples to make the perfect resume according to the job ad. Sample caregiver resume can help you to look at the preview of your resume.

4- Cover letter

Also, attach a cover letter with your resume. First, make a perfect cover letter template and then attach it to your resume.

Use Jabord

You can use your resume builder to build your professional resume in just a few clicks. Resume writing is very easy with Jabord.

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Jabord can make your resume ATS -friendly and your application can pass through applicant tracking systems. Jabord has library of templates, choose the perfect resume template and make your resume perfect.


You can download and share your caregiver's resume in pdf, word, editable template, and QR Code.


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