Esthetician Resume Template

Esthetician Resume Template

Esthetician Resume Template

Do you feel joyful by making other people happy about themselves? Everyone wants to look good and charming, and you help people accomplish that. Are you looking to make a resume? 

Jabord is a tool that will make your resume look flawless and modern; like in your profession, you recommend products to make your customer's skin look healthier and prettier. 

In this guide, you will learn about making your resume template, formatting, and the content of your resume. Let's get started.


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Most Important Notes


Estheticians analyze the skin of people and recommend different skincare products. They also provide facial treatments, chemical peels, hair removal treatments, skin treatments, waxing treatments, and other treatments related to the skin. 

Esthetician is a people person having people skills who enjoys positive relationships with people and has empathy for them. A professional and positive attitude is necessary for this job because estheticians have to deal with different clients, and some of them show tantrums and bad behavior.

Estheticians evaluate a person's skin condition and enable people to boost their self-confidence.

An esthetician can provide a long list of services, such as light therapy, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, styling, hair styling, coloring, etc. In this profession, making the customers happy and satisfied can increase repeat business.

Facial treatments and Chemical peels

They also do facial treatments using chemical peels and other related skin care products and techniques like laser hair removal.

To make an esthetician resume, you should follow the following tips while doing a job search and applying to different job titles to impress employers. 

1- Update

You should update your resume regularly. Incorporate edits and new beautician course certifications and workshops in your resume to showcase your progress. Also, update your resume according to the specific job description.

2- Proofread

Proofreading the resume before the submission helps you remove unwanted errors and make a good impression on the hiring manager. Proofreading helps you to make your resume flawless.

3- Cover letter

Attach cover letters with your resume. A cover letter is a paragraph that showcases your capabilities. Don't forget to attach a cover letter with your resume and job application.

4-Resume Sample

Before applying to a job posting, visit some great esthetician resume examples. Esthetician resume example will help you to make your resume flawless. Moreover, you can take inspiration from aesthetician resume samples for creating your resume.

Formatting of esthetician resume

The formatting of an esthetician's resume is a crucial part of making a resume. If you are an experienced esthetician and want to showcase your esthetician history and the number of years you have worked in different saloons, you should use reverse chronological formatting. In this type of formatting, you can mention your job history from a recent job to previous jobs. This formatting showcase the job progression. 

The next type of formatting is functional formatting, in which you can write your skills. The functional formatting is for non-experienced estheticians. 

In combination or hybrid resume, you can showcase both your esthetician experience and skills to impress the hiring manager. Job seekers should choose the right resume format for them according to their expertise.

Content of Esthetician Resume

The content of an esthetician's resume starts with the contact information. You should include your phone number, Gmail address, postal address, zip code, social media accounts, and website URL.

After writing the contact information, you should write the resume summary statement and resume objective. In the professional summary, you can write your past experience and job highlights. In the resume objective, you can write your future goals. A resume summary or objective is a  short paragraph that you should write at the top of the resume. Your resume consists of the information in the form of bullet points. The resume summary and objective is the only paragraph in your resume.

The next thing to write on your esthetician resume is your past employment history as an esthetician. The professional way to write your job experience is in reverse chronological format.

After writing the resume experience, write the esthetician resume skills section. Esthetician skills are crucial to dealing with clients because this profession is all about customer satisfaction.

Soft Skills and Hard Skills

Following are some hard and soft skills related to an esthetician. You can put relevant skills in your resume according to the job description to impress potential employers.

  1. Hair removal techniques
  2. Clients skincare facials
  3. Skin rejuvenation techniques
  4. Can evaluate skin condition
  5. Body treatments knowledge
  6. Knowledge of the beauty industry
  7. Give esthetic services
  8. Can do spa setting
  9. Removal unwanted hair
  10. Client satisfaction and boosted product sales
  11. Excellent customer service
  12. Maintained rigorous standards
  13. Lash extensions
  14. Body waxing
  15. Encourage service upgrades
  16. Skincare specialist

After writing skills in the form of bullet points on your resume, you should write your education. Although education is not necessary for this job, you can mention if you have any education. You can mention esthetician programs or courses you have taken. Also, cite your master esthetician license to showcase that you are a licensed esthetician while applying for a job title.

Mention your awards and certificates related to the esthetician program on your resume. Do not forget to mention your hobbies and interests on your resume. Also, see the esthetician resume example to take inspiration to write the content of the resume.

ATS Optimized

Use Jabord

You can use Jabord to make your resume fantastic. Jabord is a resume builder that helps people to make their resumes. With the help of Jabord, you can save time. You can have the following benefits of using Jabord. You just have to put the technical skills and your personal information on your resume templates. Also, visit an esthetician resume example to choose the best template for you.

1- Template

The extensive library of resume templates is available in Jabord. You can choose your resume template according to your job description. 

2- ATS-Friendly

The resumes created by Jabord are ATS-friendly. The applicant tracking system is software that scans your resume. Hiring managers use this tool to scan the applications of the candidates.

 3- Downloadable

You can share and download your resume in different formats like pdf, word, editable templates, and QRCode.


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