Graphic Design Resume Template

Graphic Design Resume Template

Graphic Design Resume Template

The graphic designer's resume requires special attention and creativity. The creativity in a graphic designer's resume is mandatory as the job is related to innovation.

Jabord is a resume builder tool that enables you to make resumes. It helps you make your graphic designer resume creative in just a few minutes. Web designers can design their resumes according to the job title.

In this guide, you can learn how to make a professional graphic designer resume. Also, you will learn about the formatting, content, and templates for your resume.


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Most Important Notes

Graphic Designers

A graphic designer is a creative person who has an imaginative mind to make logos, illustrations, layouts, and photos. They also design visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, product packaging, and app design. 

A creative graphic designer uses software tools or hands to draw fully customizable illustrations, designs, social media posts, and ads to communicate ideas or increase brand awareness through visual impressions.

The graphic design job also includes designing corporate reports, user interfaces, and publications.

To make a perfect resume for a job posting to impress the hiring manager use the following tips.

1- Formatting

Use the right format according to your expertise. The reverse-chronological format is considered the professional format.

2- Update

You should update your resume regularly. Put your recent experiences in the updated version before the job search. 

3- Proofread

Proofread your designer resume to remove errors and mistakes. The proofreading helps you make your resume perfect.

4- Cover letter

Attach a professionally designed resume cover letter and perfect cv template with your job application to impress the hiring manager.

5-Use a Resume Builder

You must use a resume builder like Jabord to create your graphic design resume templates.

Resume Format

The professional resume format is the chronological format. You can mention your employment history in reverse order in the reverse-chronological format. First, mention your recent jobs and then mention your previous jobs. Only use this formatting if you have more than five years of experience. 

In functional formatting, you can mention your skills. If you do not have any graphic design experience, you can mention your hard skills and highlight your positive points. 

You can write both your skills and experience on the graphic designer resume template in combination or hybrid template. You should choose this format if you have less than 4 years of experience. Make a one-page graphic designer resume as it is easy to read and gives a good visual impression. Attaching cover letters with great resumes can make all the difference. Don't use ms word to make your resume template, as it may fall apart when you try to edit it.  


The content of the graphic design resume is started with the contact information. Put your official name in bold letters. Also, mention your official and active phone number, Gmail address, Postal address, LinkedIn account, and social media profile or a link to the online portfolio page or your professional website URL. 

After writing the contact information, it's time to write a resume objective and a resume summary. If you are making a senior graphic designer resume, you can use a resume summary. If you are making an entry-level resume, you can use resume objectives. Resume objectives are the goal or willingness to do something related to the job description in the future. A resume summary is the past employment history highlights. 

After writing a resume summary, it's time to write your relevant experience. It's better to write your experience in reverse chronological format. You should mention the graphic design projects year and company name in the resume experience section.

Resume skills

The creative graphic designer resume skills section is very important because graphic designing is a skill. Creativity is a soft skill that someone cannot acquire through any training. But you can learn different graphic design tools and be a good graphic designer. Using different tools and software to make graphic designs is considered a hard skill. You should mention both types of skills in your resume, especially if you are a beginner. You can use the following skills in your resume. Choose the graphic design skills relevant to your graphic design specialist job description.

  1. Use of adobe illustrator
  2. Figma or Adobe creative suite
  3. Make a minimalist design
  4. Adobe InDesign usage
  5. Know to use Canva
  6. Have basic knowledge of programming languages
  7. Design free fonts, kits fonts, minimal fonts
  8. Adobe photoshop
  9. Web design
  10. UI/UX design
  11. Interpersonal skills

After writing your skills, it's time to write graphic designing courses or your educational background to impress hiring managers. Visit graphic designer resume templates examples to take resume design inspiration from other resume templates. Your professional resume template should stand out from other graphic designer templates.

You should mention your interests and hobbies in your creative graphic design resume. Also, attach a matching cover letter template and graphic design resume or CV with your graphic design job applications. 

ATS Optimized

Use Jabord

Creating your graphic design resume templates with Jabord is easy. You can make your graphic design resume perfect with the help of this resume builder. A graphic design resume template is not easy to build from scratch. Save your time to make a creative resume template and win your dream job with a few clicks.

1- Library of best resume templates

You need a professional resume and a more compelling template than other graphic designers when you apply for graphic design jobs. To make a professional resume, choose creative templates from Jabord.

2- Downloadable

The graphic design resumes created by Jabord are downloadable and shareable in different formats like pdf, Microsoft word, editable creative template, QR Code and google docs. Enjoy unlimited downloads with Jabord.

3- ATS-Friendly 

The graphic designer resume built by Jabord is an applicant tracking system friendly and can pass through this system easily. Potential employers or prospective employers check and scan the resumes with this tool applied to the job offer.


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