Notary Resume Template

Notary Resume Template

Notary Resume Template

Do you have sharp eyes that can see every detail of the frauds? Do you want to make a resume that can showcase your ability to find every little detail? If so, you can use Jabord to make your resume perfect.

Jabord is a resume builder that can make your notary resume perfect with its unique features. You do not have to do all the things from the start. You require to insert your information to get the perfect template for your resume.

In this guide, you will get to know how you can make a resume with perfection. What should be the resume's formatting, and what content you should write on your resume.


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Most Important Notes

Notary Job Duties

The notary's duties involve preventing fraud by witnessing, authenticating, and verifying signatures. They also make wills and stamp the legal papers after ensuring that the legal documents are authentic and fraud-free. 

He must know law and government policies and can use the stenography instruments. 

A notary checks the document that can be enforceable in a court of law, known as a legal document. Also, serve for the businesses to maintain and verify notarized documents.

Loan documents are contracts of both loan companies' terms and agreements, including the lender and borrower. A notary has to check the document's authenticity and other fraud-related things.

The documents that are compulsory to deliver at closing under the agreement are known as closing documents. The duty of the notary also involves the checking of closing documents.

You can use a nice color scheme to grab attention fast. Create your resume attractively and professionally and use simple fonts. Do not use fonts that are not easy to read. 

Updating your resume can make you win the job. Proofread your resume and incorporate edits into your resume. Also, use a cover letter and letter-sized resume flyer with your job application to impress hiring managers with your notary signing agent resume. Visit notary resume samples to take inspiration for making your resume. Use a resume builder to make your resume professional and top-notch.

Formatting of a Notary Resume

Are you an experienced person and want to put your work history on your notary resume? If yes, you can use reverse chronological formatting. In reverse chronological formatting, you can write your work history in bullet points with hard numbers representing the years. Also, write the name of the place where you had worked on your resume with the job position. This resume formatting is professional, and the hiring manager prefers this.

Are you tense about having no experience and work history? You can use functional formatting to showcase soft and hard notary skills. 

In a hybrid resume, you can write your skills and experience to impress hiring managers. Use this type of formatting if you have two years of experience.

Content of Notary Resume

Notary resume content is simple. You require to write contact information, resume summary or objective, employment history, notary skills, and awards and achievements.

The contact information includes your official name, Gmail address, postal address, LinkedIn profile, and website URL. The professional contact information helps the hiring managers to contact you.  

After adding the contact information, you should put a resume summary and resume objective. If you are an experienced notary, make a resume summary of 3-4 lines of your previous work. 

You can write a resume objective if you do not have any notary job experience. The resume objectives are your future ambitions for the job and the duties you can perform eagerly.

Write your experience on your notary resume. For example, you can write that you have worked for a national notary association from 2016 to 2022. Use reverse chronological format to write your experience.

The next thing to write on your notary resume is skills. Let's look at the soft and hard skills of a notary's resume. You can put these skills on your corporate recruiter turned notary resume, signing agent resume, notary public resume, loan signing agent resume, mobile notary resume, and other similar resumes.

  1. Interview the applicants to get personal and financial data
  2. Notarized loan documents
  3. Verify by looking at identification documents
  4. Know about mortgage closings
  5. Excellent customer service/Provided customer service
  6. Maintain records of mortgage companies
  7. Managing loan closings documents
  8. Manage packages for real estate transactions
  9. Reviewed documents using techniques
  10. Can work in a timely manner
  11. Customer satisfaction
  12. Check birth certificates, affidavits
  13. Knowledge of applicable laws
  14. Authenticate signatures on necessary documents
  15. Meet lender requirements
  16. Administering oaths
  17. Checking accuracy of loan application and pre-made document

You can write these skills in a gorgeous and professional way. Also, attach a cover letter with the letter-sized resume flyer. You can get your dream job in one of your favorite financial institutions by making a professional resume.

After writing your skills, write your educational degrees like a high school diploma and qualifications. You can also write courses and related certificates.

Job seekers should mention their awards and certificates on their resumes to showcase their achievements. Also, they can mention interests and hobbies to make a resume personalized completely.

ATS Optimized

Use Jabord

You can use a resume builder to make your resume professional. Jabord is a resume builder that helps you to make your resume fast. You can create your resume in just a few minutes and can win your dream signing agent job. You can save time and energy by using Jabord. 

Jabord provides you with templates. After choosing a relevant template, you can insert your information with the suggestions provided by Jabord. Creating a resume with Jabord is easy.  

You can download your resume in PDF, WORD, editable templates, QR Codes, and google docs. You can also share your resume with the help of Jabord.

The resume builder makes the resume that can pass through the applicant tracking system. The ATS is a tool used by hiring managers to scan your resumes.


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