Office Manager Resume Template

Office Manager Resume Template

Office Manager Resume Template

The office manager has a valuable reputation and has significant leadership roles. Do you also have the qualities to be an office manager? First, you need to do resume management. Jabord can help you to create a perfect resume template.

Office management resume contains office operations-related skills and experiences. You can use a resume designer to create a professional office manager resume.

After reading this article, you can learn about making an office manager's resume to impress the hiring manager. Let's get started.


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Most Important Notes

Office Managers

Office managers are a backbone of an office, and they are accountable for keeping the office running smoothly.

Office manager duties involve:

  1. Managing the function of the office and working with the administrative and finance manager on recruitment.
  2. Finance.
  3. Maintaining personal files.
  4. Supervising office staff and daily operations of the office management.

Many job seekers apply for the office manager position. To stand out from the crowd, you need a professional resume. You need to add information related to a job description.

A resume maker can help you make a professional and interactive resume with a few clicks. Just add your information to the resume maker and see the magic. You will have a great office manager resume without any hard work.

Office Manager Resume Formatting

Entry-level office managers use functional format to highlight their office manager skills as entry-level office managers do not have vast experience to put on their resumes that is why they use this formatting technique to highlight what they have.

An entry-level office manager can also use a combination format if they have some experience as an office manager.

An experienced office manager uses reverse chronological format to create the resume.

The resume should consist of one page and simple fonts. Use colored headings to highlight the information more.

Use Office Manager Resume Templates

Professional office manager resume creation is tiring and difficult to make, but you can use resume templates. You can find an extensive library of resume templates in our resume maker.

You can also insert your information to create a customized resume for you. The advantage of making the resume from a resume maker is that it has zero formatting errors.

The errors in resume formatting are countless when you use MS Word to create a resume. If you use a resume builder, your resume will remain.

Now let's see what information you have to put in the template.

Contact Information

The first and most important thing is to put your accurate content information.

Make sure to add the following information

  1. Phone number
  2. Email address
  3. Postal address
  4. Zip code
  5. Website URL on the resume

Office Manager Resume Objective and Summary

A resume objective is a crucial part of an office manager's resume. If you are a beginner, you can write a resume objective to showcase your passion for the office manager job.

Job seekers with more experience can write a resume summary about the past office manager role to impress hiring managers.

To write a professional summary, you can use our resume builder, in which you can get step-by-step guidance and suggestion about writing the summary.

Work History as an Office Manager

You can write your work history in chronological format if you are a beginner. Write your recent job on the top and put your previous job history.

As a beginner, you will not have any work history, so that you can skip this section.

Office Manager Skills

You can write office management skills related to the job description on your resume if you are a beginner.

Office management needs both hard and soft skills to perform office functions. You can add the following skills to your office manager resume.

  1. Maintaining office budget
  2. Organizational skills
  3. Front office manager capabilities
  4. Management of office supplies
  5. Senior management
  6. Administrative skills
  7. Inventory management
  8. Monitoring of office expenditures
  9. Inventory control skills
  10. Creation of monthly reports
  11. Customer satisfaction
  12. Training skills

You can write these common skills in bullet points on your office manager resume. Also, see the office manager resume example before applying for the office manager's job. Hiring managers want a candidate for a management position who can work with the administrative staff and business administration. The top skills for an office management job include leadership quality and communication skills.


You can add your high school diploma or associate degree to your resume to impress potential employers. Also, add any certification related to the skills or the job description.


Mention your awards and achievements on the resume to showcase your capabilities.

Hobbies and Interests

Mention your hobbies and interests on the resume to personalize them.

Cover Letter

Attach a cover letter with your resume. A cover letter showcases your information in the form of a paragraph.

ATS Optimized

Use The Resume Maker Tool

You can also use a resume maker tool to make a professional resume. Also, you can find various office manager resume examples on the resume maker tool. The best resume showcases your capabilities to manage the office environment through administrative support.

Applicant Tracking System

The resume builder's resume can passthrough the applicant tracking systems. ATS is a modern tool used to scan the resumes of candidates.

Right Resume Format

You can make an effective resume with the right format with the help of the resume maker tool. You can mention all the skills on the resume with suggestions in the form of bullet points to guide you throughout the resume.

The resume made by a resume maker tool is downloadable in different formats like

  1. Word
  2. PDF
  3. QR Code
  4. TEXT
  5. URL link
  6. Editable resume templates
  7. Google docs

Some of the most frequently asked questions

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You can also share these resume templates. The pricing of the resume maker is affordable. The resume maker tool is free for the usage of one person. For companies, reasonable packages are available with additional features. Please check out here.

Thanks for reading the article. Comment your valuable thoughts in the comment section.

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