Operations Manager Resume template

Operations Manager Resume template

Operations Manager Resume template

Are you good at managing and supervising staff and looking to apply for an operation manager job? If your answer is yes you require a top-notch operational manager resume.

Use Jabord resume builder to make a perfect operations manager resume template to impress hiring managers. As an operation manager, you may not have the time to make your resume from scratch. In this case, the resume builder tool helps you to make a perfect resume.

In this resume guide, you will learn how to make operations manager resume templates, what should be the formatting of the resume, and what content you should put in the operation manager resume.


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Most Important Notes

What do Operations Managers Do?

The responsibility of an operations manager is to supervise and manage the staff. Strategizing the processes for increasing the efficiency and prosperity of the company. The operations manager also hires and trains the employees of the company.

The duties of operations managers also depend on the department of the company where they are working. You can see the list of duties for the operations manager from the job description of the job ad where you are applying.

An operations manager's resume is not easy to make as it requires specific skills and formatting. You can take guidance from the following tips to make your resume stand out.

  1. Customize your resume every time before applying to a new job. Add the skills relevant to the operations manager job description.
  2. Use a simple resume layout and easy-to-read words in your operations manager resume.
  3. Proofread your operations manager resumes before submitting them to the hiring manager.

Formatting of Operations Manager Resume

The business operations manager resume formatting needs special attention. If you are an experienced person you should make a reverse chronological operations manager resume format. In this format, you can write your business experiences starting from the most recent business operations manager job to your past jobs. Chronological resume formatting shows the job progression of your previous positions and that is why it is considered a professional resume format.

Hiring managers prefer this type of resume format because most candidates use a chronological format and that is why every potential employer is familiar with it.

If you do not have any operations manager experience you can write a functional resume format. In this formatting, you can highlight your management skills rather than your experiences.

Hybrid resume formatting showcases both your experience and skills.

Use easy-to-read and simple word style in the operations manager resume. Also, use bold and colorful headings and use margin 1 from all sides of the resume. Use a one-page resume and the resume layout should be simple.

Content of the Resume

First, you will write your contact information in the following order

  1. Your name
  2. Your active phone number
  3. Your postal Address
  4. Zip code
  5. Professional Gmail address that contains your name
  6. Website URL
  7. LinkedIn profile

After writing the contact information put the operations manager resume summary or operations manager resume objective. If you are a beginner operation manager and do not have any vast experience in operations management you can write resume objectives in which you can emphasize your future goals related to the business operations. Career objective will show the hiring manager that you are passionate and willing to work in their company.

A career summary is for experienced people in which they can write a brief description of their previous jobs and responsibilities. See the operations manager resume example to have an idea of writing your resume professionally.

If you are an experienced operations manager write your professional experience in reverse chronological format. You can skip this section if you do not have any experience.

Soft and hard skills for the operations manager role are the following. You can use them in your resume skills section and make a winning resume.

  1. Team building skills
  2. Conflict resolution
  3. Quality assurance
  4. Leadership abilities
  5. Keep employee records
  6. Can make strategic planning that boosted staff retention
  7. ANSI standards soft skills
  8. Can run a team of operations associates and senior stakeholders
  9. Customer relations building skills
  10. Inventory management
  11. Interpersonal skills
  12. Sales team supervision
  13. Project management abilities
  14. Business administration skills
  15. Can understand legal and regulatory documents
  16. Can review the production costs and have some financial skills
  17. Strategy development
  18. Supply chain knowledge and supply chain management
  19. Operations management
  20. Leadership skills
  21. Outstanding performance
  22. Can make strategies for revenue generation
  23. Maintain and manage labor costs
  24. Knowledge of technical documents
  25. Have the knowledge of social media platforms

After writing the skills mention your educational background and diplomas. You can also write the certificates of courses related to the operations manager roles. You can also see the marketing operations manager resume examples to take inspiration for writing your own resume

Also, mention your awards and certificates to show your achievements. Attach a cover letter with the job application and resume.

ATS Optimized

Use a Resume Maker

You can use resume maker to build a great operations manager resume according to the job title. You can see the operations manager resume sample to ake ideas for making your resume. There are the following advantages of using a resume maker

1- Templates

Jabord has an extensive professional templates library. You can choose the template according to your preference before applying to a specific job.

2- ATS-Friendly

The resume maker can make resumes that can pass through applicant tracking systems easily. Hiring managers use the applicant tracking system to scan the resumes.

3- Save Time

The resume maker can save your time and energy by making a professional resume automatically.

4- Give Suggestions

You can get suggestions while inserting your information. the resume builder will provide suggestions in bullet points to give you ideas about the skills you should write on your resume.


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