Senior Accountant Resume Template

Senior Accountant Resume Template

Senior Accountant Resume Template

Are you good at taking ownership of the financial management of a company? Do you have expertise in accounting? If you want to be a senior accountant, you need a top-notch resume that can match the level of the job post of senior accountant.

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You can learn about making a top-notch senior accountant resume. Let's get started.


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Most Important Notes

Senior Accountants

The duties of a senior accountant involve supervising spending and costs, budgeting, auditing financial performances, analyzing, making financial statements, and risk management. The senior accountant's duties also involve advising and strategizing to reduce risks and increase the company's prosperity.

The position of the senior accountant is very high and needs special expertise and knowledge compared to other positions of an accountant like staff accountant. So the senior accountant resumes also need special attention and care.

The following tips will help you to make a professional senior accountant resume. 

Updating your resume helps you to win your dream senior accountant job. You can incorporate the information in your resume and make edits whenever you take a new course or have any updates to add to your resume. Proofreading your resume also helps you to eliminate errors and mistakes. Try to visit the senior accountant resume example to understand how your resume should look. Attach a cover letter with your job application. Also, see the senior accountant resume sample to make your resume perfect. If you follow these guidelines carefully, you can win the job of your dream. 

Accounts Payable

The senior accountant also handles the accounts payable. The account payable is the amount paid by the company to the vendors. Accounts receivable is the money company expects to receive from the vendors or clients. Senior accountants also take care of the company's fixed assets, like land properties and other long-term properties.

Formatting of Accountant Resume

Job-winning resumes have three types of formatting. You can choose the one that is according to your expertise. Reverse chronological formatting is the type of formatting in which you can write your previous jobs in reverse format. Most hiring managers and professionals prefer a chronological resume format because this format provides progression throughout the years. Moreover, various hiring managers are familiar with reverse chronological resume formats.

In functional formatting, you can write your skills. You can skip the experience section of the resume.

If you have a little bit of experience, you can use a combination or hybrid formatting.  

Use the best resume format that matches your capabilities. You can also see the senior accountant resume example to take inspiration for selecting the template. The preferable resume format for senior accountants resumes is reverse chronological.

Content of Senior Accountant Resume

The content of the senior accountant's resume starts with your name and contact details. You can share your phone number, Gmail address, postal address, zip code, LinkedIn account, and website link.

After the official and current contact information, you can write a resume summary or objective to grab the attention of the hiring manager. A resume summary is preferably used for a senior accountant resume. Because a senior accountant's resume demands a high level of expertise. You can highlight your past work history points to write the professional summary.

A resume objective is used by entry-level accountant resumes. A senior accountant resume needs a highly professional and expert candidate so do not use resume objective.

After writing your accounting manager resume summary, write your experience. The hiring manager looks for a great senior accountant resume containing an experience section. 

Making a job-winning resume must include key skills in the skill section. You can include the following hard and soft skills in your resume.

  1. Financial Analysis of financial data
  2. Make Financial reports and income statement
  3. Maintain the uprightness of the general ledger
  4. Internal and external auditors
  5. Prepare monthly journal entries. financial statements and accrued expenses
  6. Data analysis and journal entries
  7. Monthly bank reconciliations of bank accounts
  8. Can fo fund transfer and financial reporting to the parent company
  9. Analyzing balance sheet accounts
  10. Supervised junior accountants
  11. Subsidiary accounts
  12. Make yearly budgets for financial departments
  13. Organizational skills
  14. Examine financial information
  15. Prepare balance sheets in a timely manner
  16. Manage teams and business administration tasks
  17. Prepaid expenses and generate monthly financial statements
  18. Can work with company executives
  19. Can streamline general ledger reconciliations or account reconciliations.
  20. Can assist with the internal audit process and internal controls
  21. Usage of accounting software 
  22. Account analysis of monthly financials

Write these skills on your resume to impress the hiring manager. Mention your degree or relevant coursework according to the job description. If you are a certified public accountant mention your certificates. Visit the senior accountant resume example to take ideas for making your resume. 

Do not forget to mention your awards and certificates in the senior management resume. 

ATS Optimized

Use Jabord

The easiest way to make your resume is using a resume builder. Jabord resume builder can build your resume in just a few minutes. 

1- Templates

Jabord resume builder provides you with editable templates to insert your information in the template and make your professional resume within a few minutes. Jabord will also give you suggestions while writing the skill section to help you make your resume perfect.

2- ATS-Friendly

Your resume can pass through the applicant tracking system easily. The ATS-friendly resume provides you the opportunity to win your dream job.

3- Career Page

You can also build a career page with Jabord. Job seekers can find jobs from the career pages on Jabord.

4– Downloadable

You can download your resume in different formats like pdf, word, editable templates, and google docs.

5- Shareable

You can also share your resume in different formats like pdf, word, QRcode, and links. 


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