Staff Accountant Resume Template

Staff Accountant Resume Template

Staff Accountant Resume Template

Do you enjoy handling finance and management? Are you good at working with other team members, and the only hindrance between you and your dream is a staff accountant resume? Then you come to the right place.

You can build your staff accountant resume template in a few seconds with Jabord. Our resume builder can make a professional resume template, and you can readily win the job position of your dreams.

This guide will tell how you can make an impressive staff accountant resume. What should you write in it, and what formatting is best for your resume?


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Most Important Notes

Staff Accountant

The primary responsibilities of a staff accounting job include technical skills for maintaining financial records. They work in an accounting team and perform monthly reconciliations, cash management, monthly financial statements, the payroll process more efficiently, financial reporting revenue reports to the accounting manager, and customer tax engagements. Staff accountants also handle the funds customers need to pay to the company, called accounts receivables. 

A perfect staff accountant resume is not easy to make, but our resume builder will help and guide you. You can get templates and suggestions from our resume builder to write your information on the resume. You can visit the staff accountant resume sample to make your resume perfect by taking ideas. They have the following specialties.

Financial Statements

The staff accountant also creates invoice financial statements for the customers.

Accounting software

They know technology usage and can handle the accounting software to manage the accounting system.

You can follow these resume writing tips to make a professional resume. 


Updating your resume helps you minimize errors, and you can not miss any important information. Also, update your staff accountant resume according to the job description carefully. Update according to the staff accountant resume example to make the resume perfect.


Before submitting your application to the hiring manager, you should proofread your resume. Proofreading your resume helps you minimize any errors and mistakes in the resume.

Cover letter

You should attach cover letters with your staff accountant resume and job application.

Resume Format

Pick the right resume format for you that can help you to showcase your skills and expertise.

Formatting of a Staff Accountant Resume

Staff accountants may have less experience as compared to senior accountants. Formating a staff accountant's resume can be done in three ways. 

Reverse chronological resume formatting is professional and is preferred by hiring managers. Make this resume if you have an experience of more than five years. You can write your staff accountant experience in this resume formatting. 

If you are a beginner staff accountant candidate, you can use functional formatting. In functional formatting, you can skip the experience portion of your resume and can highlight your skill portion. 

The combination or hybrid format is the combination of reverse chronological and functional formatting. You can use this format if you have 2+ years of experience. You should also highlight your skills in this type of formatting.

Content of The Staff Accountant Resume

The content of the staff accountant's resume starts from the contact information. You can write your first and last name, Gmail address, postal address, zip code, LinkedIn account, and website URL.

After writing your resume contact information, the next essential thing to write on your resume is a summary and objective. The resume summary is a brief paragraph about your past staff accountant position. At the same time, the resume objective is the future goal to convince the hiring managers that you are capable of the job. 

If you are an experienced staff accountant, you can write your experience in reverse chronological formatting. Still, if you are a beginner, you can skip this section and start the experience section. 

Now it's time to write your hard and soft skills. These staff accountant skills are essential because they give a positive impression to the hiring manager. 

Job seekers can use the following skills in the staff accountant resume
  1. Management of accounting records, general ledger, and balance sheets
  2. Can work in a fast-paced environment of accounting firms
  3. Use specific accounting software
  4. Can check facts and figures in all accounting systems
  5. Execute documents for sales tax returns
  6. Excellent communication skills
  7. Microsoft Office suite skills
  8. Maintaining bank statements and account reconciliation
  9. Manage client relationships
  10. Knowledge of company policies
  11. Manage the cash flow and bank accounts
  12. Recommend improvements to senior management
  13. Reporting the data to the chief financial officer
  14. Account reconciliations of balance sheet accounts
  15. Financial analysis of financial reports
  16. Have some basic knowledge of business administration
  17. Critical thinking to perform accounting functions
  18. Automat accounting processes

After writing your key skills write your educational degrees like a bachelor's degree on your resume. 

Also, mention your awards to showcase your achievements. Cite your hobbies and interests to give your resume a personal touch. A certified public accountant can also mention their certificates and professional achievements on their resume.

ATS Optimized

Use Jabord

You can use a resume builder to make your resume perfect. A resume builder has a library of editable templates. You can use the templates to make your whole resume easily. When you put your material in the resume, it also gives you suggestions about the content. You can also talk to a team of certified resume writers to make your resume professional. But it is effortless to make a resume on Jabord and you do not need any other source to make your resume perfect. Jabord helps you to win your favorite job and is user-friendly. It just takes a few minutes to make your professional resume. You can also see resume examples and cover letter ideas to take inspiration.

Save Time

You can save your time by making your resume from the Jabord. You have to put the information in the resume template, and that is it. 

Downloadable and Shareable

You can share your staff accountant resume in pdf, word, editable templates, and QR Code.

ATS-friendly staff accountant resume

Our resume builder creates ATS-friendly resumes.ATS stands for applicant tracking system; this is a tool used by hiring managers to scan the candidates' resumes.


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