Tax Accountant Resume Template

Tax Accountant Resume Template

Tax Accountant Resume Template

Are you good at financial planning and estate planning? Do you want to become a tax accountant? If yes, then you need to make a good tax accountant resume.

Use jabord to make a good tax accountant resume. Jabord makes it easy for you to make a good tax accountant resume template. 

This guide will teach you to make a good tax accountant resume formatting and the content of a tax accountant resume.


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Most Important Notes

Tax Accountant 

The job of tax accountants is not easy. There are multiple duties of a tax accountant. If you are willing for this job, you must consider the following duties. A tax accountant prepares tax planning, plans for financial statements, and prepares tax returns. They evaluate and hunt tax returns, know about tax laws, and manage and maintain state income tax returns. They also suggest strategies to better tax services to improve profits, take care of property tax and sales tax, and prepare the necessary paperwork for tax returns. The tax department owns responsibilities, including payroll tax and multi-state tax returns. Tax authorities also deal with the responsibilities of bank accounts and business licenses and the financial data and research tax issues.

Here are a few tips for a great tax accountant resume that you should follow. To make a good accountant resume, you should update your resume frequently and make some changes while making a new resume. It will make your accountant resume more effective and easier to understand. 

Proofread your accountant resume before submitting it to the hiring manager. Proofreading will help you improve your mistakes and errors in the accountant resume.

Attach a cover letter with your tax accountant resume. A cover letter is a brief paragraph about your abilities and works experiences. It abstracts your professional knowledge.


Three types of formatting are used in tax accountant resumes, i.e., reverse chronological resume, functional resume, and combination resume.

A reverse chronological resume is the best option for the people who already have experiences and accomplishments to mention on their tax accountant resume. It tells your experience with various jobs and chronological mentions of your previous work record.

A functional resume tells about your skills. It concentrates more on your skills rather than experience. If you have a less work experience, then you can use a functional resume

A combination resume, also called a hybrid resume, combines two resume formats. It is the mixture of both a functional resume and a reverse chronological resume as it focuses on both your skills and your experiences.

You can take help from a tax accountant resume example for making a job-winning resume.


First of all, you have to give contact information in the content of the accountant's resume. Contact information includes your name, surname, Gmail, postal code, zip code, profile, LinkedIn, etc.

After giving your contact information, you must provide your accountant resume summary or resume objective.

A resume summary is used for a senior tax accountant resume. It summarizes details about your previous jobs and works experiences; use this if you have experience of more than two years. You can highlight your qualities so that the hiring manager easily knows about you. 

A resume objective is placed on top of your accountant resume. It explains your experience and skills, which shows why you are perfect for this job.

Mention your tax accountant resume template when you have mentioned other resume sections in place.

You are supposed to write about your work experience as a tax accountant, and you should mention your recent job and your previous work experience. If you have experience in tax accounting for more than two years, you can choose a reverse-chronological format.


Tax accountant skills section is crucial. If you do not have any experience as a tax accountant then yo can win your dream job by writing this section. Mention some of the following hard and soft skills according to the job description. Now you have to mention your tax accountant skills as follows:

  1. Manage the income tax returns
  2. Make bank statements
  3. Make financial planning
  4. Make a policy of tax returns
  5. Knowledge of tax law
  6. Ensure account reconciliations
  7. Works with payroll services
  8. Involvement incorporates federal
  9. Spending time with assisted clients
  10. Certified public accountant
  11. Time management skills
  12. Working on multi-state sales
  13. Management of local tax returns
  14. Performs general ledger
  15. Managing the tax compliance
  16. Handling the tax software
  17. Make an audited financial statement
  18. Can deal with the prepared tax returns
  19. Manage tax accounts
  20. Make annual reports and tax reports
  21. Deal with the tax issues


Provide information about your education in accountant resume. It is very important to provide education in an accountant resume. Some additional training is also needed to mention other than compulsory education. It will prove that you are eligible for the post as mentioned in the job description.

Awards Or Certificates

If you have any awards or certificates related to your accountant resume, mention them to make your accountant resume more interesting and remarkable.


If you are familiar with some additional languages, mention them in your accountant resume. It will enhance the chances of getting the job. This section is not necessary, but it will positively impact the hiring managers.

Interest And Hobbies

Mention your hobbies and interests in your accountant resume. It will create a good impact of you on your hiring manager.

ATS Optimized

Jabord Uses

By using Jabord, you can make a good tax accountant resume. It will become easier and more comfortable with jabord to make a good accountant resume; It is also time-saving.

1- Templates

Jabord contains various resume templates. You have to choose the one that is according to your work.

2- ATS-Friendly 

ATS is a specific tool mostly used by the hiring manager to identify the requirements for a particular position.

3- Downloadable And Shareable

You can download your resume template in PDF, word, QR code, and editable templates.


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