Waitress Resume Template

Waitress Resume Template

Waitress Resume Template

Are you applying for a waitress job in a reputable restaurant and need a perfect resume to apply there.

You have come to the right place. The easiest and quickest way of making a professional resume is no other than using our efficient resume builder. Jabord is a resume builder that can make your resume in a few minutes.

In this resume guide, you will know how to make a job-winning waitress resume, how to do the formatting, and what content you should put in your resume. Let's get started.


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Most Important Notes

Waitress Jobs

The waitress has a lot of responsibilities like welcoming the guests, taking orders, helping the customers decide what they should order, and telling them the restaurant's menu, including desserts, beverages, and deals.

A waitress's role also includes cleaning, seating guests, taking orders, and receiving payments. They also communicate with the kitchen staff to give them the order list of customers. National restaurant association research that the restaurant industry hires millions of people a month as a waiter or waitresses. The job duties of a waitress may vary depending on the restaurant's needs. You can read the job details to read about the waitress description. To write the proper skills, experience, and abilities for a waitress resume, you need professional skills, But do not worry about anything. You can read this guide to make the professional waitress resume that will make you win your dream job.

Formatting of Waitress Resume

It is necessary to set and arrange the table before serving food to the clients. Similarly, selecting the formatting is important before starting the resume.

Formatting of waiter or waitress resume depends on the experience and skills of the candidates. If you have 5+ years of experience, make a reverse chronological resume. HR managers prefer a chronological formatting resume because it shows the candidate's career progression.

If you do not have 5+ experience, you can use functional resume formatting. In functional resume formatting, you can write skills and highlight your plus points on the resume.

Use a combination resume to highlight both your skills and experience. Pick the right resume format for you. Try to make a one-page resume because it looks more professional. But if you have 15+ years of experience, you can create a 2-page resume.

Resume Layout

Your waiter or waitress resume layout should be simple and easy to read. Use a one-inch margin from all sides of the resume.


Use simple and normal fonts in your resume. Use headings in bold so that the hiring manager can see them easily.

Content of the Waitress's Resume

Start your waitress's resume with your name and contact information. So that hiring managers can easily see who they are dealing with. Write your content information in the following order

  1. Full name
  2. Phone number
  3. Professional Gmail address
  4. Postal address
  5. Zip code
  6. LinkedIn account

Write your content information precisely. After contact information, write the waiter's resume objective to attract the customers. In the waitress resume objective, you can write your future waitress job goals and write enthusiasm and willingness to do the job.

You can write a waiter resume summary if you are an experienced person. A waitress resume summary is a brief description of your skills and past professional highlights, and if you can mention a big achievement in the resume summary, it will be a cherry on top.

After the waitress's resume objective, put your restaurant experience in chronological format. Write your recent jobs first, and then write your past jobs with the name of the place or hotel where you were working. You can write the years with your past jobs.

If you are making a new waiter/waitress resume and do not have relevant experience, you can skip this option and move to the resume skills section. You can mention the following skills on your waitress resume or simple waiter or waitress resume skills section.

  1. Pro in providing exceptional customer service skills
  2. Familiar with the customer service industry
  3. Can accomplish a restaurant server job
  4. Communication skills
  5. Delivered food and drinks
  6. Know safety and sanitation policies
  7. Can work in a fine dining setting
  8. Serve food and beverage orders
  9. Served food on multiple tables in a professional manner
  10. Can work in a timely manner and should be detail-oriented
  11. Know different cuisines like Italian cuisine
  12. Can perform cleaning duties according to the waitress job description
  13. Can work with the team under the restaurant manager providing excellent customer service
  14. Relationship building with restaurant staff to perform waitress duties
  15. can take job responsibilities in fine dining restaurants
  16. Can perform sales associate duties and basic knowledge of the job market
  17. Can memorize menu items

After writing the skills, mention your education degree and diplomas. You can also mention any awards and certificates to add the cherry on the top. To impress your future employer, write about your hobbies, restaurant servers, restaurant setting, and other related interests.

Also, attach a waitress cover letter with a job application to stand out from the crowd.

Make your Resume with the Resume Builder.

You can make the HR-approved waiter/ waitress resume templates with Jabord and win your dream waiter job. The resume maker has a library of templates. Choose a perfect resume template for yourself according to your skill and waitress position.

Hiring Managers Approved Cocktail Waitress Resume

You can make any type of waitress resumes format by Jabord resume builder. Also, see waitress resume samples and waitress resume examples to take inspiration for making your own waiter/waitress resume.

Waiter or Waitress Resume Samples

The resume maker makes hr approved resume templates for job seekers. Also, make a perfect cover letter template after creating resumes for applying.

ATS Optimized

ATS-Friendly and Downloadable

The resumes built by the resume maker are ATS friendly and can easily pass through the applicant tracking system.

You can easily download them in PDF, word, editable templates, QR Code, and links.


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